Sunday, August 27, 2017

Our Weekend - Special Olympics Has Begun!

On Saturday we took Beth to her first Special Olympic bowling practice. Just like in years past, she didn't get to bowl on the first day because she had to leave for work. They're still getting organized and assigning all the bowlers to their lanes and it just takes longer than usual. She was a little disappointed but she understood.

 Today after lunch I took her grocery shopping. She was completely out of food! We know because she starts eating ours. 😏 We notice the granola bars have disappeared awfully fast and Chuck and I will just look at each other. While she was at work last night I went down to look at her fridge and it was completely empty! I so wish she would talk more.  

So tonight we went shopping. First we stopped at the gas station so I could get my car washed. Even in her 30's, the car wash still makes her nervous.

At the grocery store we usually go our separate ways then meet up at the register but this time she had limited funds (doesn't get paid until next week) so I walked with her to help her keep track of her money.

Now her kitchen is stocked and she's ready for the new week!


Barb said...

Hi Cindy!

I'm so excited for Beth! I hope she enjoys herself, what a great experience for her!

I just have to tell you a story. A few years ago, my daughter and her family were in Boise, watching my grandson play football. They were at the motel, walking in the hall with Averi, who is blind. Someone was walking behind them and called to my daughter to hold up. When she turned around, it was a Special Olympics Gold Medal winner! He was a blind swimmer, and wanted to meet, Averi. He had his mother go out to their car and get his gold medals, so that he could have his picture taken with Averi...she was wearing the medals! It made her day, she was so excited!

Good luck to Beth, I will be cheering her on!

Beth is so cute! I don't like car washes either, I understand her anxiety. Communication is such a hard thing, I don't think most people understand how difficult it is. Such special little angels!
You are an awesome mom!!


Rebecca Jo said...

Heck, I need you to come with me to keep me on budget ;)