Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Special Delivery!

For over a week I told myself I needed to remember to take pictures when they came. I could get pictures of them going down the stairs and bringing the old one up.

Pictures of them pulling the new one out of the truck.

Pictures of them setting it up. 

And before I knew it they were here! I went down to tell Beth that they had arrived. Then I went up to show them where to get the old one. As they brought it upstairs I could hear Beth squealing and singing. 

When they came back in I told them not to worry about Beth, that she was just happy. Then the 20-something burly guy said, "That's okay. I sing when I'm happy too." 👨

They set it all up and left. That's when I remembered to take the pictures. Aarrgg!! Oh well, what can ya do? I did go back downstairs and take this one:

The bed she had been sleeping on was one we bought for Diana when she was 13 I think? It definitely needed to be replaced. Plus Beth has been waking up with terrible back aches so we hoped the new bed would help.

She'd had a queen size for a while but didn't like it so when Diana moved to Pennsylvania last year and decided not to take her bed, we decided to give it to Beth. But it had lived a good life and it was time for a new one.

We shopped around a few places before finding this one. It's a memory foam and we got it at Mattress City. I asked her this morning if her back hurt and she cheerfully said, "Nope!" 

Right now she's using a bedspread my mom made me when I was in Jr High (we tend to keep things a long time around here) but we plan to go shopping in the next couple of weeks for a new comforter and sheets. Maybe some cute pillows... pink of course!


bj said...

awww...there's nothing like a new bed...I hope she will just love it to pieces..and I'm glad her back didn't hurt after the first night on it.
Pink is Beth's fav color ? Such a happy color and I am trying to add more of it in our home. I'm searching for little rays of sunlight right now...
Love to you....

Barb said...

Hi Cindy!

What a cutie...I love that, Beth sings when she's happy!

I also love that she is using the same bedspread you had. What's the old saying...use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without...I live by that as well. And...the bedspread matches her, Frozen rug beautifully!! So glad she doesn't have a backache anymore... :-)


Rebecca Jo said...

I love her rug next to her bed. What a fun thing to wake up to putting your feet down every morning.

We need a new mattress so badly, its ridiculous.

Saimi said...

Hi, thought I'd stop by after reading your comment on Barbs blog. I'm also mattress shopping. We have two guest rooms and one of them has a full size mattress which doesn't work anymore with our boys who are now married - so its going to be replaced with a queen so I can better accommodate them when they visit.
I grew up in the Seattle area but now live on the East side of the mountains.
Being a grandparent is the best!!!
Have a great rest of your week.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Hi Cindy! Happy to meet you today :) I'm not sure how I happened onto your blog, but I love meeting new blogging friends :) The quilt your mother made you is darling, what a treasure to keep! How exciting to have a new bed for Beth! I look forward to getting to know you and your family better :)