Friday, September 30, 2016

Thirty Years Ago...

My due date was September 22nd but she was not ready to come out. They didn't induce labor back then the way they do now so we waited.

On the night of September 30 I crawled into bed... and had a contraction. Not a strong one but definitely a contraction!

Then an hour later I had another one. I dozed off for a while but then had another one! They came all night.

I got out of bed at 8am and they stopped. I didn't have another contraction the entire day. So we waited some more.

That night I crawled back into bed and the contractions started again. All night, about an hour apart and the next morning they stopped. Not one single contraction all day.

And the third night, the same thing! That next day not a single contraction.

This was crazy! 

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