Sunday, October 2, 2016

An Entire Week

Night after night I had contractions, but not a single one during the day. For. An. Entire. Week. Needless to say I was exhausted.

I got up Sunday morning and started getting ready for church when I had a contraction. Wait, what?! Then a short time later I had another one. And another one! Oh hallelujah!!  

They continued all morning and all day and finally around 10:00 that night they started getting a little stronger. And closer together. We ended up going to the hospital at 2AM Monday morning. 

I've been in labor now for a little more than 24 straight hours and when they checked me I was dilated to a 4. After six more hours of labor I was at a 5. Seriously?!

My doctor told me he thought the baby's head was too big to fit into my pelvis and I needed to consider having a c-section.

I did not want another c-section but I was so exhausted, I didn't care. I just wanted this baby OUT! 

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