Thursday, September 8, 2016

A Day In The Swiss Alps

Sharaya couldn't decide what we should do on Labor Day and Diana suggested Leavenworth. It's a small, Bavarian style town in the Cascade Mountains just east of here. Unfortunately Chuck had to work and Diana, well, she still lives on the East Coast so Sharaya, Allie, Beth and I went. 

It had been years since I was there and I had forgotten how quaint it was!

It's so beautiful, nestled right in the mountains. And we had great weather! One store Sharaya said we just had to go into was the hat store! The place was packed, but we still had room to have a little fun!

Next was the antique store. Oh, I could have spent a lot of money in there! Look at this ferris wheel!

We definitely couldn't miss the Christmas Store! Oh my goodness that place was amazing! Two stories tall and the best Christmas decorations you could ever hope for!

 At church we've been singing a song called Lion and the Lamb that has really touched my heart lately so when I saw this ornament

I knew I had to buy it! 

Allie bought a gorgeous white, sparkling butterfly. 
This is the one Beth bought - Anna with a snowball in her hand. 
I think Beth actually gasped when she saw it!

And of course we had to stop for ice cream before heading home! Cold Stone Creamery! Yum! On our way to Leavenworth we passed some signs for Deception Falls so we stopped there on our way back. It was so beautiful! I'll write about that in my next post!

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