Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Bargain!

Chuck and I have spent some time working in the yard this weekend. Nothing spectacular, just doing the basics of pulling weeds, mowing, edging. The first month or so is hard, trying to get everything tame again after the long, wet winter. Plus my muscles get sore after not using them for so long! But once it's done, and all we have to do is a little maintenance, I love it!

I was wandering through a thrift store the other day and found this bike for only $10! The tires were flat but it only took Chuck a few minutes to pump them up and she was ready to go! It fits Allie perfectly right now so I doubt she'll be able to ride it next summer. But every time she comes over, she runs to the back door, "Can I ride my new bike?" I love a bargain!

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