Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Key or the Cart?

Once again Beth and I went grocery shopping on Monday afternoon. I got a shopping cart and she grabbed a basket.

We each got a few things then headed to the checkout.

She checks out by herself although she always wants me to go first. I put my stuff on the conveyor and she likes to put the bar between, to separate our items.

I go on through, then wait for her to finish. She puts in our phone number for the discount, scans her card and enters her number. I don't have to help her with that anymore.

As we're headed to the car, sometimes I'll have her push the cart so I can unlock the van, sometimes I let her unlock it.

After the groceries are unloaded I ask her, "Key or the cart?" Meaning, do you want to take the key and get into the van or do you want to take the cart over to the cart return?

This week she chose the key.


Kristin said...

Next week, ask her if she wants to drive - haha!!

Caz said...

It sounds like a lovely ritual that has allowed Beth to build in independence and choice making. It also sounds like familiarity, and closeness, and a mother sharing the day to day with her daughter. I love these glimpses of your life.

Anonymous said...

I love this simple and funny. I am always impressed with how put-together Beth is when she is out. I wish i could put it all together so nicely for grocery shopping.