Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Hanging Out, That Close, and I Didn't Know That, Did You??

We woke up on the 24th and got ready about a half hour early. I told Chuck I didn't want to wait around in our hotel room when we were just a block from Times Square! So we headed down and just hung out in Times Square! Do people do that?! I mean, we literally just hung around Times Square in New York! It's crazy! (Isn't it?)

And as I'm walking around snapping pictures I see something...

 What IS that??

 Wait a second! Is that the New Years Eve ball??

I didn't know it stayed there all year!! At the bottom of the pole?! When the ball drops on New Years it just stays there, all lit up, the entire year?!? I had no idea!

I took this picture ~

 Then turned to my left and took this ~


It's a little hard to see but our hotel is under that blue sign on the left side of the street. See that black, empty space thing in the center of the picture? And part of the American Flag to the left of it? That was our hotel. 💖

When Sharaya and Ally came down we did a little souvenir shopping, then went back to get our luggage and checked out of the hotel.


We climbed into our rental car, (the one with the trunk open) drove by the Shoenfeld Theater and headed to Lower Manhattan and the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

Thank you Google for these pictures.


Did you know the New Years Eve ball stays there all year?


Terri D said...

I had no idea the NYE Ball stayed down and lighted all year. Wow. How interesting!! I love to sit and people watch! Times Square would be the best place to do that, I think! Great photos and thank for taking us along!! xo

Regina said...

I didn't know it stayed all year round either but I guess it would be difficult to remove and replace it each year. That's really cool though.

Rebecca Jo said...

Nope - I had no idea. I thought it had crystals on it that needed to be protected. That's interesting.
I think I would be able to sit out in Time Square all day & just people watch.

ellen b. said...

Nope, I didn't know that. You got some great photos!

Pamela M. Steiner said...

No, I guess I never thought about it, but it makes sense. Looks like you saw a lot of stuff...and just had a good good time together. So glad you had good weather too, it looks like. I've only been through NYC one time many years ago, and we really didn't stop and do much there was so much traffic and it was kind of scary for us at the time. I wish I could go back and take our time and see the sights some time. So glad you were able to do this. Thanks for sharing it with us.