Friday, July 16, 2021

That's Why

It's 7am and I just finished doing payroll. It's been a full week of work events and it's not over yet.

In the span of 9 days we will have had:

*A memorial with a reception

*A VBA team rally

*Apologia (A community discussion on current events)

*4 days of VBA (500 kids on the first day!)

*Family party (All the VBA kids families invited outside for food, inflatables...)

*Encore (an event for our senior adults) 

*Two days of a Promise Keepers Simulcast 

*A missions lunch

Along with all our regular church services, group events, Bible studies... we've got 3 more days of events and then things should quiet down a little. I'm so exhausted but it's times like this I have to remind myself why we do what we do: A bunch of kids gave their hearts to the Lord during VBA; I spoke with a man who has recently started coming to our church and he told me he's here because he's desperate for the presence of the Lord. He's sat behind Chuck and I a few times and we can hear him worshiping and crying.

It's not about vacuuming and emptying trash and cleaning bathrooms. (I'm the Custodial Supervisor.) It's about people's hearts and their relationships with the Lord and with one another. When they stop you in the foyer and ask for prayer, the stories of what they're going through are enough to make you weep. But the presence of the Lord envelops them, they break down in tears and then you see the Peace of God come over them. By the time you hug goodbye they're filled with joy and they leave with a smile on their face. They know the Lord knows their name, knows them personally and has a plan for their exact situation.

That's why we do what we do.  


Rebecca Jo said...

What is VBA? I know vacation bible... but it used to be S for School... what is A now?

Susan said...

That is a lot of kids for VBS! My younger grands went and had blast! That is great that your church is hosting so many things. It's good to be back in church!

Cindy said...
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Debby@Just Breathe said...

Yes you have definitely been busy. I totally understand when you talk about people's hearts and their relationships with God. ((Hugs)) They are lucky to have you there to listen to them.

Terri D said...

Whew! But here you are!! You persevered and so many folks were touched by God (and by you!)! Bless you, for the work you do. xo

betty said...

Wow; 500 kids the first day of VBS. Did you have room for all of them? Our church just finished its week of it and by looking at the pictures posted on Facebook, it looked like a success.

I often pray that churches will be beacons of light to those who need to come to know Jesus. I think your church fits that bill of being a beacon of light!


ellen b. said...

So I'm guessing that's Vacation Bible Adventure? We have our VBC coming up in August and it's in the evening from 6-8:30. Yes, service goes beyond the building to the hearts for sure. said...

I am so glad to be back at church. Today we almost missed it because of a road closure. We would have missed such a good message. So thankful we didn't punt and opt for breakfast out instead of racing to get to church before the service was over.

Thank you for the good work you are doing!!