Saturday, July 10, 2021

So This is What it Feels Like

Diana flew out Father's Day weekend to celebrate Chuck and Sharaya's graduation but also because I was turning 60.

Yep. The Big 6-0.

When I say that number in my head I imagine... well, I imagine my grandma ~

This is my dad and his mom. She was in her early 60s in this picture. 'Nurses' shoes, rolled stockings that hooked with a garter... 

Yep, even while camping! Me and my two older sisters with our grandma. This is what I think of when I hear "Sixty years old!"


They surprised me at work with a coconut creme pie (my favorite!) and serenaded me as I stood at my desk. A friend told me a bunch of them were making their way to the front office to surprise me and saw me come out into the hall. They flew into the children's ministry quad so I wouldn't see them! When they thought it was all clear they started down the hall again only to see me pop out of another office so they all rushed into the work room... I guess I didn't make it easy for them! 😂

Chuck had a bouquet of flowers delivered to me at work. One of the custodians found out it was my birthday and bought me some flowers. Sharaya brought over some flowers with a small balloon... by the end of the week our house looked like a florist!

Diana flew in the day after my actual birthday so she had some cookies delivered to the house! They were so good! We nibbled on them for days.


I got so many cards in the mail! Chuck posted on FB and friends spanning 55 years of my life commented and sent greetings! You go about your life, day by day, year by year not really knowing if you're making any kind of difference at all and then something like a major event comes along and... well, it's just very humbling.

I'm still learning: about life, about myself. It seems every new decade brings new insights and I tend to see the world a little differently. And the older I get the more I know how little I know! There's always more to a story!

If this is any indication of how it's going to feel being in my 60's, bring it on! I'm ready!


gingermog said...

Happy belated birthday :)

betty said...

Happy belated birthday! Sounds like it was a wonderful celebration for your 60th! I'm a few years ahead of you. I think we all are trying to figure out life, no matter what age we may be.


Pamela M. Steiner said...

Happy 60th!! Looks like you really had a wonderful celebration! I believe in celebrating every chance we can! I turned 70 last September, and it just doesn't seem possible that I could be that old. I love the pictures of you growing up...and those fancy classic cars behind you...a DeSoto and a Ford Galaxy or something like that...some great photos of cute. Happy Happy Birthday!! Celebrate! Celebrate! Dance to the music!! May God bless you with many more!!

Barb said...

Hi Cindy!

Happy Birthday!! You were an adorable little girl, and very cute young woman and a beautiful 60 year old! I'm here to say that life gets even better after 60!


Terri D said...

Celebrate all week!! I'm glad you were celebrated well!! I turn 70 this year. Yikes!! xo

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Welcome to a new decade! May it be filled with joy, love and happiness!

Rebecca Jo said...

Happy Birthday!
LADY - you dont look 60. Isnt it funny how different age looks now then previous generations?
I love you were celebrated!!! Deserved!

ellen b. said...

You are a decade behind me. Glad you were celebrated so well! Keep celebrating for at least 60 days!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Happy Birthday! No other year previous to 60 bothered me but I felt like you did. My grandparents were in their 60's is exactly how I felt. Now I'm close to turning 70!!! I love all the photos you shared. Sounds like you had a really special celebration.