Friday, July 30, 2021

Remember Pong?

How many of you remember Pong? This was the BEST game! We had a ping pong table when we were growing up and my family played a lot. Put electronic Pong?? This was unlike anything else I'd ever seen. And I spent way too much time playing this.


I'm reading a book called Imagine Heaven by John Burke. Chuck's mom had it and I found it when we were cleaning out her room after she passed away. I don't know anything about the author but my dad's name was John Burke. 💓 Anyway the book is about people who have had near death experiences and Mr. Burke compares what they've seen to descriptions of heaven in the Bible. It's been pretty fascinating. One thing most people experience during their NDE is a feeling of belonging. Of knowing EXACTLY who they are. There's no trying to please others or trying to live up to their expectations or being someone you're not, just to fit in. They just knew deep down who they were meant to be. When I read this it reminded me of what I'd been reading:


This one made me think of my struggle with food. I actually do really well during the day, eating healthy, staying active. But at night? I usually eat too much during dinner, then I never stop! I eat all evening!

 And one for the road:


Sandi said...

There was a time when nothing on Earth was as cool as Pong.

Barb said...

Yes, we loved, Pong! I think those old video games were the best, the new ones are too realistic for me. I love books like, Imagine Heaven. I have read several, because it has always fascinated me. I love that the one thing everyone says is that there is an overwhelming sense of, love and belonging...I love that! I have always struggled with food as well. Last year I quit dieting and started eating "intuitively". There is a book I bought called, Intuitive Eating. It has really helped me, just knowing that I don't need to eat just because the food is there, and listening to my body to know when I am full. It also teaches you that there are no "bad" food, all food is nourishing...that's such a foreign thought for me! I don't think I've lost weight, because I don't stand on the scales, but that wasn't my goal, even though I need to. My goal was to make peace with food, and I think I have...give it a look-see, you might like it. Funny photo!

betty said...

I do remember Pong and how much fun it was to play it! Video games sure have evolved over the years, haven't they? Interesting book; I'll have to look into reading it. I always have to watch my weight too. Some days are a lot easier than others. It definitely is a struggle. I find weighing weekly helps me keep on course. Both my hubby and me lost about 40-50 pounds back in 2018 before my niece's wedding. I've kept about 35 pounds off; I think hubby has gained at least 25 pounds back but he stopped weighing himself weekly. If I'm up one week I just monitor what I eat the next week and then I'm down the next week. Its a yo-yo cycle lol but so far its working in maintaining what I want to weigh currently. But again always a struggle!

Too cute about the bathroom doors. I too have seen funny ones and some that have been downright confusing trying to figure out which one is the right one to use :)


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I do remember Pong. That book sounds very interesting. I believe I have one from another author about near death experiences. I'm trying hard to stay away from certain things and I cave easily. Love the bathroom doors.

Regina said...

Pong was so much fun to play! I was so young back
The bathroom signs are funny yet confusing. said...

We never played any games when I was a child. My first video type game was Pacman. We borrowed it...I guess the console?...when I was first married and played til we threw out our thumbs. Which sounds so ridiculous!! And was. That is about the extent of my gaming.

Really like that quote about the journey of life. I think that is so accurate. We grow to found out more about who we really are as we try out things and find out who we aren't. Wise words.

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