Sunday, January 17, 2021

Old Photos

Friday was a difficult day at work. I had to confront one custodian about... inaccuracies on their time sheet. They assured me it was just a misunderstanding. Another custodian is going through some personal things so after we talked for a while I prayed with them before they left.

Beth and I left there late, and we stopped at the grocery store on our way home. After dinner I was sitting on the couch and suddenly my face felt flush, like when you have a fever? And I felt like I was getting a headache. Oh no.

I cleaned up the kitchen and decided to get ready for bed, even though it was only 8:30. I puttered around the house a while and finally took some ibuprofen and headed to bed. Thankfully I woke up Saturday morning feeling so much better! (Thank you for your prayers!)

I spent most of Saturday working on a picture frame that I fill with Christmas pictures every couple of years. I hang it in our hall every December and I put in current pictures we took on Christmas Day, plus pictures from when I was little, when the girls were little... it's fun to look back year after year and see how things have changed!

That's me in the blue, my sister and her husband, and my mom's back is to us. This looks like 5th grade, around 1967. It looks like I'm holding something but I have no idea what. 😊

Our girls in 1994

 Do you display Christmas photos during the holidays?

Do you have family photos throughout your house in general?


emigre said...

Glad you're feeling better. The confrontation must have been draining, good for you to take charge!

Jeanie said...

I do have photos all over my house. I love them, always have, but even more so now that we're separated from people. I do bring out some special Christmas photos each year (and some I just keep out in their smaller frames).

Glad you are feeling much better!

Billie Jo said...

So glad you are feeling better, my friend.
And I adore your old photos!
What a great idea.
Have a cozy Monday, and stay safe.

Terri D said...

What a great idea to put your Christmas photos in a frame to hang each year! I do have a few Christmas photos we received from family & friends on the refrigerator but we don't have old photos out. We also don't have many family photos sitting around. There are a few in the guest rooms in frames. I digitized most photos and can browse on the computer. We also have a digital photo frame but got tired of it so it is put away for a while. Thanks for sharing your great idea! said...

I do have photos I display of my granddaughters at Christmas, Halloween and Easter. I pack them away with my decorations for the appropriate holiday so when I get them out, I update the frames with the latest photo for each holiday. Fun to see how much they have grown from one visit with Santa to the next, a year later.

Cathy said...

I've never thought of doing that. What a neat idea. Love seeing your pictures.

Rebecca Jo said...

I know everytime I feel a little yucky, I'm like UH OHHHHH... glad you felt better!
Hopefully the confrontation with the employee is going to put an end to any future issues. That's always so hard

ellen b. said...

Oh boy...confrontation is not my strong suit. Glad that is over for you and that you were able to follow through. Hope things go well now. Good news that you are feeling better after some medication and rest. WE have family photos all over our home!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So glad to hear you woke up feeling better the next morning! Love the photos. I do have photos around the house but I really need to work on a project of putting together old photos. Maybe making both of my children albums about themselves.