Sunday, March 11, 2018

Social Secretary

Beth and Nick met when she was 30 and he was 28. We never thought she'd have a boyfriend, she'd been single and happy for so many years we figured it would be that way forever!

Both Sharaya and Diana dated and had guy friends but Beth never did. When Beth was in her early 20s she would occasionally say she wished she had a boyfriend but even stopped saying that after a couple of years.

It was hard for her when Sharaya became engaged and got married. Then when Sharaya got pregnant, she remembers Beth not talking to her for months. Was she jealous? Angry? Maybe both. But eventually she was thrilled to become Aunt Beth and loves to play with Allie. She became content with her life and it's routines and schedules.

Then Nick appeared on the scene. He has changed everything! I've become Beth's Social Secretary, so to speak.

She'll come to me and say, "I want Nick come over on Tuesday." I'll check my calendar and we'll find a Tuesday that works for us then I'll write down the details.

"What do you want to do when he comes over?"

"I want him ride my bus with me." 

"Oh, so you just want him to ride the bus with you after bowling so you can spend some time together?"


So then I text his mom and let her know of our plans and give her the dates and times to see if that works with their schedule.

Once all the plans have been made, I'll go down and tell Beth the details.

"After bowling on Tuesday, Nick will come here and you two can have lunch together." I'll make sure she has enough food for the both of them and that it's something they both like.

Of course, I'll come home early that day to make sure they're not home alone for too long. And I will tell her what time I will be here too. And I will go downstairs as soon as I get home to let them know I am home and that they are no longer alone.

(Beth recently wrote a prayer request at church that could be considered *ahem* R-Rated.) Oh Lord, help!!


Barb said...

Hi Cindy~

What a cute post! I love that Beth has a boyfriend! I know it can be scary, they are young adults, and you can never be too careful ;0) Being a mother to a special needs child takes a lot of love and patience, and you have both, you are such a great mom!

Hugs and Love,

Rebecca Jo said...

oh no... that prayer request... that made me laugh. I'm sure you didnt in the moment, but probably (hopefully) can now.
I love you tagged it under "hormones" too :) haha
You're such a good momma!!!

Billie Jo said...

You are the best mom!
So happy she found her man! : )

ellen b said...

Oh yes Lord help. Good job parenting...