Thursday, March 22, 2018

Is There A Bird In The House?!

A few weeks ago I heard a strange sound coming from downstairs. It almost sounded like a bird chirping. It was a high-pitched, short, squeak or a chirp kind of sound.

I went down to see what it was and saw Beth in bed and she would make this sound when she was inhaling. I watched her for a few seconds when all of the sudden she gasped for air, took a couple deep breaths and then fell asleep again. Although I don't think she was ever actually awake.

I called the doctor and scheduled a sleep study. I decided to do the at-home study because I wasn't sure how she would do in a 'sleep lab'. The doctor in our local doctor's office didn't have anymore kits so we had to drive up to Everett (about 15 minutes away) to get it and the assistant showed us how to use it.

I'm so glad there were pictures because I didn't remember everything she said! 

We came home and finally around midnight I told Beth it was time for her to go to bed. She usually stays up as late as she wants but I was tired and wanted to go to bed! We got the actual monitor hooked onto her chest, then attached the oxygen monitor on her finger and she put on the cannula. When she first got into bed, she laid kind of awkward and I told her she just needed to sleep the way she normally did. 

After a few adjustments, she was good to go. Then I went to bed and slept hard! Around 7:30 I went down to unhook everything. She said she got up in the middle of night to use the bathroom and she did good but it was hard with her pants "cause of this" and she shook her finger.

 I returned the kit that morning and now we just wait to hear from the doctor. I expect she'll need a CPAP machine, but we'll see.


Rebecca Jo said...

I had no idea that they even had portable units to do that at home. how cool!!!! I'll be interested to see what they find out.
My dad has sleep apenia (SP?) & was so against getting one of those machines/face masks to sleep in... he finally HAD to after heart issues & he said its the best sleep he's ever had & hates he didnt do it sooner.

Barb said...

Hi Cindy~

How wonderful to have the choice to do the test at home. I hope they can help her to breath easier at night, that's pretty scary to hear her breathing like that! I think more people than we realize struggle with some form of sleep disorder. Good luck to both of you!

Hugs and Love,