Saturday, November 11, 2017

Mother-Daughter Day

Beth and I spent the day together on Friday, shopping for fun. We had the whole day planned, shoes shopping, getting our hair done, going out for lunch... we were so excited for Friday!

This is the way my brain works:

We couldn't find any parking at the mall
We had to walk the entire mall, twice
There was a very unsatisified customer at the shoe store
We quietly bought our shoes and left
The stylist at the salon didn't cut my hair the way I wanted
We kind of made a scene because I spoke up about it...

But I'm trying to change the way I think about life. The word tells us to take our thoughts captive, to set our minds on things that are true and just and right. So...

We couldn't find parking on the side of the mall that we wanted so I drove around to the parking garage. There was plenty of parking there and it kept us out of the rain!

Walking through the mall sent us by Bath and Body Works, a store that Diana used to work at so I sent her a photo and told her we were thinking about her.

The clerk at the shoe store was really working her bum off helping all of us, despite that one unhappy customer. I can't imagine what the clerk did to make that lady so angry. Beth found another pair of Kangaroos and she did her usual walk around the store to make sure they fit well. She sure loves those shoes!

It was after 2:00 by that time and we were getting hungry so we stopped to have some pretzels at Auntie Anne's. That's one of our favorite places at the mall! She got a pepperoni pretzel and I got cinnamon bites, warm and soft and full of cinnamon! Yum!

I realized after we left the salon what the stylist had been trying to explain to me. I didn't understand while I was there and kept asking her why she cut it the way she did. She'd explain again and I'd ask more questions. Sigh. Even though we left things okay, I gave her a good tip, etc. I need to go back and apologize. Like ordering a coffee at Starbucks, I need to learn how to ask for a certain hairstyle.

Beth and I went to the bank and to Target... we were out and about for about 6 hours and we had such a good time! We love shopping for fun!


Barb said...

Hi Cindy!

Wow, that sounds like a full day! Sometimes you just need to go out and spend time with your daughters! There are times that I am unhappy with something, and I never say anything, and then I kick my self later for just did the right thing by being persistent about your hair cut...and about apologizing, that was the hard part. I usually come home from getting my hair cut, and I don't like it. But, my beautician is my neighbor, and I love her to bits, so I settle... :0)

I'm glad Beth found her favorite pair of shoes, that's a hard one for me! And, pepperoni pretzels sound delightful, she has good taste!

I love Bath and Body Works, but it overwhelms me, so many good scents and smells!

Have a great week!

Hugs and Love,

bj said...

Bath and Body Works is a fav of mine...and they have such good deals, too. Candles and soaps are always going on sale.
I'm sorry your hair cut wasn't what you wanted...been there...done that !!!
Glad ya'll had a good time together. I treasure my time with our two kids...

ellen b said...

Take our thoughts captive and setting our minds on what is true...such a good reminder. Yes, and amen.
Glad you had a good time.

Rebecca Jo said...

There's nothing like good girl time.
We talked about that exact thought last night with my girls bible study - taking every thought captive. You never stop thinking - EVER - so its an ongoing, minute by minute thing we are called to do. To change that perspective is only made with Godly wisdom.