Monday, September 4, 2017

We Were Surprised It Fit in the Back of the Car!

Beth got paid from her job as well as the state on the same day this month! Not sure that's ever happened before. Of course, the money's been burning a hole in her pocket.

After her bills were paid, I told her that she had enough left to buy a new comforter for her bed, maybe some pillows, new pictures to hang on the wall in her room... We talked about it off and on for a couple days.

Sharaya and Allie had made plans for today so Chuck, Beth and I tried a new restaurant in our little town. It was SO good! Rory's is about 2 blocks from the water and right at the ferry entrance. We sat outside and enjoyed the view!

After we dropped Chuck off at home (he had to work) I told Beth that we could go get the comforter or... she had enough to get her kitchen cabinets.

"I want that."

So instead of Bed, Bath and Beyond, we headed to Home Depot. At the back of the store we found two cabinets that would be perfect for her. She definitely needed drawers, but also some cupboard space for napkins, crackers, etc. A couple employees came over to help and when I asked about counter tops, he showed me a few pieces that had been cut for other customers and they were being sold as is. If we wanted a custom piece, we'd pay now, then they would have to cut it for us and we'd get it later. The already cut, smaller pieces were all about 4 feet long and looked fine to Beth and I! She chose one of the colors and off we went to buy it all! 

That's when I remembered the back of my car had a huge suitcase in it, a car seat, a small box of stuff, how were we going to get all this in the back of my car?

Thankfully an employee came out to help us stuff it all in and we did it! And the back closed completely!

We got it home, out of the car, down the stairs and into her room. She helped me take it all apart and we figured out where she wanted it.

Because the counter top was already cut (very inexpensive that way!) we decided to just put a space between the cabinets for a trash can or whatever she decided to put there. Nothing is officially attached because she's not positive that's where it's going to stay but it works for now. She absolutely loves it!


Rebecca Jo said...

What a neat little set up. That cabinet space will be so useful.
& I think Miss Beth looks a little proud there ;)

Billie Jo said...

Good for her!!!
It looks perfect!
So happy for all of you. : )

bj said...

awww, she looks so cute with her new cabinets...what a money-saver by choosing the counter top that was already cut...
while Mr. Sweet was so ill and then passing, I didn't blog much..I am wondering if she is still planning on getting married...

Barb said...

Hi Cindy~

I love the little kitchen set up, it's just perfect for her! You can tell by that big smile that she is very pleased . . . :0)


Adelaide Dupont said...


you chose well.

Might be good to make friends with cabinetiers as well.

"And how we cook tells us who we are" - well that kitchen set-up tells me who you are!

Anonymous said...

Rory's is one of my favorite places!

ellen b said...

It's a small world after all...
We regularly meet up with dear friends of ours for happy hour at Rory's.
Looks like you found a good deal for Beth's room and she does look pleased with the result!