Thursday, September 28, 2017

One of The Hardest Things We've Ever Done

Beth's job coach, Christine, called me yesterday and told me that Little Caesars has laid her off. Beginning immediately, Beth is out of a job. 

We just told Beth about an hour ago and she sat still and quiet while we explained it all to her. Then she threw her arms around me and sobbed. After a few minutes she stood up, said, "Now it your turn!" and she cried on Chuck's shoulder for a while.

The store got a new owner and she no longer wants boxes made ahead of time. Now when you go into Little Caesars to order a pizza, they will fold the box while the pizza is in the oven.

Today Christine and L, the store manager, spent an hour with the new owner telling her what an asset Beth was to the company and how great of a job she does at folding boxes, but she wouldn't change her mind. Beth was done. 

Beth started working at a Little Caesars in a city about 45 minutes from where we live and she'd be on the bus for 2-3 hours each way. It was long and tiring but she loved the work!


Then they found a store much closer to home and she worked two days a week. Ironically enough, they just bumped her to 3 days a week. Although that was L the manager who did that. He was just as surprised at the new owner's decision as anyone. 

Beth loved feeling like she was a part of something, loved texting everyone at the end of her shift to tell them how many stacks she did, but most of all she loved that paycheck!


After almost 5 years with the company, she's now unemployed. We talked about how her and Christine get to sit down and figure out where she gets to work next. We told her that now maybe her and Nick could go out on dates on Friday nights. And that now every Saturday she gets to bowl both games at Special Olympics! She doesn't have to stop after one game because it's time to go to work.

As I type this I can hear her down stairs squealing and laughing at whatever show she's watching. It'll be quite an adjustment but we know she'll get through it. It would mean a lot if you would please keep her in your prayers.


Meg said...

So sorry to read this. Hope she gets something else soon. It is such a shame the new owner would not change her mind.

Rebecca Jo said...

Well dang it. That just is not the best news at all.
Praying that God is just leading her to another job that keeps her interested & fulfilled... I'm sorry, but how COLD is it for this new owner to not let her do her job that HAS to be helpful in so many ways. I'm sorry, but I'd let everyone know the kind of management this store now has.

Barb said...

Hi Cindy~

I'm so sorry, I know what a blow that must have been for, Beth. I'm sure with her job coach she will be able to find a job that she will love just as much! I have a dear little friend that works at the care center where my mother lives. Her job is to just be a happy person for the people who live there. She does help with some of their needs, like pushing them to their rooms, if they are in a wheel chair. Getting them juice, cookies, fruit, or other snacks during the day, helping them fold their clothes, or just talking to them and making them smile. She is such an asset to the care center, and is very helpful.

Beth will find her way . . . she is so blessed to have such great parents!

Have a great week-end!


ellen b said...

Praying right now that a good job fit will become available for Beth!

jody lynn said...

ugh, so sorry, this is just upsetting. but i was laughing that she gave her dad equal time with the sobbing on the shoulder.

Billie Jo said...

I am sorry to hear this!!!
I will pray for her...and for you, my friend!!!

Adelaide Dupont said...


I hope you and Nick will enjoy next Friday and all the other Fridays which are open to you.

You were a great asset for Little Caesar's and I hope those who come into management in the future and those on the ground remember you and use their expertise well.

And pizzas for breakfast...