Sunday, September 10, 2017

King Pin

We usually get to the bowling alley early, to make sure we're able to get a seat near lane 13, where Beth bowls. She has her own ball and shoes and as soon as we get there she gets ready. Shoes on and ball on the rack.

Then she waits.

The bowling alley has to set up the teams and put everyone's names on the score board. So everyone waits.

Once they see the 'Practice' windows up on the monitors, everyone jumps up and begins to bowl. They know they have 10 minutes to warm up.

Then the real bowling begins. They keep score and everyone is at their top game! This week Beth started out slow and has the lowest score until frame 5. Then she got a strike and a couple spares and ended up somewhere in the middle of the team.

 Usually the kids have their bowling tournament the end of October and that's it. They all go home and it's over. But this year they said there are so many teams that the gold medalists this year, will get to go on to Nationals! Beth won a gold medal last year so here's hoping she does well again this year!


Rebecca Jo said...

That's awesome Beth is so good at it & enjoys it... & all the waiting ;)
I do good if I am even CLOSE to 100 ;) haha

Barb said...

Hi Cindy~

Go Beth!! What a great way to spend the afternoon, or day! I hope she goes to Nationals, that would be awesome! But, just the fact that she is out there enjoying herself and enjoying others around her, is terrific!


Heather said...

Good luck this bowling season, Beth!!