Friday, July 28, 2017

Kind Of A Rough Week

I found out on Wednesday that a good friend of mine recently passed away. She had been sick for quite some time but was living day-to-day and doing pretty well. Went in for a regular checkup and ended up dying that afternoon. I'm still in shock.

On Thursday afternoon I got a text from an elderly friend I visit a few times a month and his wife had fallen and broke her nose! She was taken to the hospital and had to have stitches right across the top of her nose. I saw her today and her face is so swollen and is bright purple. But she doesn't remember a thing! She'll look in the mirror and be so shocked, "Oh!! What happened to me?!" 

Then Thursday night my sister sent me a text saying, "First of all, I'm going to be okay." Well you know conversations that start like that are never good! She's had a mild stroke and was in the hospital. She's a little weak on her left side so the doctors kept her over night but it seems she'll completely recover. 

Man, stuff like this... even though it's not happening directly to you, it still affects you emotionally. My prayers are going out to all these friends and family.


Billie Jo said...

Oh Cindy,
I am so sorry.
You are right...when love ones suffer, we feel it emotionally.
Prayers for peace, my friend.

Rebecca Jo said...

Mercy... it just seems like sometimes, when it rains, it pours.
I'm so sorry to hear of all the struggle & pain ... just a reminder this world full of sorrow is not our home.

Caz said...

Oh Cindy, I hope you and your friends and family start getting better news soon