Thursday, July 13, 2017

Ahoy Matey!

Our church had VBA this week (Vacation Bible Adventure) and it was so much fun! 

The theme this year was Pirates and everyone dressed up  in pirate hats and head wraps and they made hooks (red cups inserted with tin foil hooks) and eye patches for their crafts. 

There were Bible stories and an Experience room where they got to act out some of the stories they heard. For instance the day they talked about Peter denying Jesus 3 times 'before the rooster crows'  they had live chickens (because roosters were too loud) for the kids to pet and feed, plus a real crown of thorns and a Roman Soldier's helmet and shield they could try on. 

The church was decorated so well! The team that put it all together did an amazing job! The pirate ship took up the entire platform!

We even had our very own pirates, Pirate Patch and Pirate Peg. I only got a picture of Patch (he's actually our childrens pastor's dad.) 😊 I love this photo! Makes me think of Pirates of the Caribbean.

The first of the week I was helping with Registration, sit at a table and check in the kids. But by the end, I was one-on-one with an 8 year old with autism. He's in our Sunday school class so was more comfortable with me then with the leader whom he didn't know (an amazing lady who volunteered to help if we had any kids with special needs.) Well, as happens sometimes, she ended up with more children (special needs and typical) then she expected. We tried to steer these kids to Bible story and craft and snack and recreation... wasn't easy but we did it!

Every morning I'd pick Allie up and bring her to church. One of her best friends - since birth - was there so they hung out together. Part of the decorations included a photo booth and lots of people were taking pictures of their kids! It truly was phenomenal.

 Our VBA is only 4 days long, instead of the usual 5 and on Thursday night we have a big Family Night where all the parents come and hear about everything the kids did and learned throughout the week. Then they all swarm the parking lot for hotdogs and chips, games and inflatables.

 It was a great week but boy am I exhausted! Does your church put on VBA? Have you ever volunteered?


Cranberry Morning said...

That's an amazing job the crew did for the pirate theme!

Rebecca Jo said...

VBS is always just so much fun.
I think the leaders have just as much fun as the kids.

ellen b said...

Our vacation Bible school is this week. I haven't volunteered here before. Love the pirate theme and glad all went well. We are having the ending program for VBS this year during our Sunday service instead of having a Friday night service.