Monday, February 15, 2016

Now I Can Write About The Big Stuff!

We traveled a lot when our girls were growing up. We spent 3 weeks traveling the Western U.S. visiting National Parks and famous landmarks.

A few years later we flew into New York, then rented a car and drove the Eastern Seaboard, from Massachusetts to Florida.

We love to travel, and Diana especially, caught the travel bug.

When she was a senior in high school, her and a few friends decided they were going to move to California (from here in Seattle) and get jobs working in the movie business as assistants on movie lots or maybe at Disneyland. Well, as many plans made in high school do, this one never happened. For whatever reason, they just never made the move.

But Diana still wanted to travel and see the world so she went to London. By herself. And LOVED it. The sights. The smells. The stores. "Mind the Gap". She loved it all. And she began to talk about living there one day. She visited again and again. But she knew once she moved there, her traveling days might be over.

So she went to Ireland.

And she rode Splash Mountain in Disneyland Paris.

And she went zip lining in Australia.

Well, now her dream of living somewhere besides Seattle is coming true. Not as fancy as Paris or beloved as London, but still quite an adventure. She's moving to Pennsylvania. Philadelphia to be exact.

This Saturday her and Chuck will climb into her car and begin their cross country road trip. At first she was going by herself and I immediately began to get nervous! But Chuck was able to get the time off from work (even though he's been there less than a year) and Diana said she would like the company so they're all set.

She already has a job waiting for her when she gets there and some friends have allowed her to stay with them while she looks for her own place. A lot of prayer has gone into this and we can see God's hand working out all the details.

As a family, we're trying to spend every moment with her. We've taken professional family photos, we've gone out to eat, last night her and Sharaya played cards here for a while. As I write this, they're wandering around Seattle, going to Pikes Market and just trying to get one last dose of this this great city before she leaves.

We know she never would have been happy staying here and we're so excited for this new chapter in her life. Chuck is just hoping and praying she doesn't become an Eagles fan. :)

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Meg said...

Wow. Good for her. One of my kids is currently teaching in Japan and is talking about moving to the Seattle area (Olympia I think) when the school year ends. I had hoped he would come back to the East Coast, but not going to happen. One of my other kids lives in Philadelphia and likes it a lot. Much more affordable than NYC. Good luck to her! Hope they get good weather for their drive.