Sunday, April 1, 2012

Somewhat Quiet

We had a somewhat quiet weekend. Got to sleep in on Saturday, eat a casual breakfast and watched a movie. Beth had choir rehearsal in the afternoon but it only lasted an hour.

This morning Chuck took Beth to church early because when the choir sings in the service, they have to be at church at 8 AM for one final rehearsal. She did so good. Singing the songs and truly worshiping the Lord. It sometimes overwhelms me when our youth lead us into the presence of the Lord. I didn't accept the Lord until I was 19 so I didn't have that solid foundation when I was growing up.

The second service we go downstairs and teach Sunday school. Our class is called Special Connections and we teach kids with special needs. We have a total of 8 kids in our class but they rarely all come on the same day. Today we had 7. One with a seizure disorder, one with Down Syndrome, one with Autism and 4 with Aspergers. We decided our classroom is too small. :) We played outside, acted out the story of the Triumphal Entry, when Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey. We had snack, watched a movie and the kids were still bored part of the time. Hard to imagine with two playground balls thrown over the fence and one clogged toilet. It was so great to bless all those parents and allow them to attend church as a family but we sure were exhausted at the end of class!


Becca said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend! Great idea getting the kids outside, especially if your weather was anything like ours. :-)

JC said...

That's really great that you guys were able to watch all those kids, even though it would be exhausting. It would just be such a nice thing for the parents to be able to listen to the service without interruptions.

I tried to comment on your last post the other day but blogger wouldn't let me, its been acting weird the past little while. Anyway, just wanted to say I hope all goes well with Beth when you decided to do that treatment. Sounds like there will be lots to plan out and think about.

Kristin said...

You're doing a great service! Is Beth nervous about the thyroid procedure? Sounds daunting, but hopefully 3 days will pass quickly. Get the DVD's ready!