Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Chicken!!

Some friends gave us an old, Playschool type kitchen. It's very old, the stickers are missing, the phone is gone and it's dirty. But my granddaughter's only two, she doesn't know any different. It's definitely an outside toy and I've been cleaning it whenever Seattle has nice weather. Like today. Sunny and in the 60's! Everyone is outside today, walking their dogs, riding bikes, working in the yard. It's just gorgeous.

Anyway, Allison says kitchen sorta backwards and I love it when she runs to the back door, points to the patio and yells, "My chicken! My chicken!!"


Jennifer Scott said...

So cute.

The only way to really get them clean is magic eraser or a power washer.

Sharaya said...

We have magic eraser if you want to use it! It really is a miracle worker. That's what we used to get the sharpie off of everything in Allie's lovely coloring phase. :)