Friday, April 27, 2012

It's Not Very Exciting, But She Loves Her Life

Our lives are not very exciting. Beth is an adult. She doesn't go out to play. We no longer meet at school for IEPs, sometimes she's home all day.

Our family is somewhat sedate. I know people who go 24/7. They just never stop. Our neighbors are like that. When they pull into the driveway, he goes out to mow the lawn before he goes into the house. They work from morning to night and when they aren't working, they're traveling.

We're not like that. Chuck and I both work outside the home, then we tend to sit in front of the TV at night. Or we'll sit around the table and play board games. Or we'll sit in front of the computer. Like I'm doing right now. :)

Consequently Beth does the same. She's 27. She has a small apartment in our daylight basement. She eats dinner down there. (We've tried to get her to eat upstairs with us but she gets mad. Last time she shoved the food in so fast she began to choke.) After dinner she watches TV. Or turns off the TV and puts on her head phones. She'll listen to music while she writes.

She goes out a few times a week during the day -

Sunday morning she's at church singing in the youth choir or greeting
Sunday evening she goes to choir rehearsal
Tuesday she's in a bowling league
Wednesday she goes to karoake and art (she's gone for 8-9 hours!)
Friday she attends a job class

Other than that, she's at home. She'll go shopping with us or to the grocery store with us but we don't go out that often. Sometimes I feel guilty that I haven't found some friends for her to hang out with. I feel guilty that we don't take her more places or give her more things to do. But she doesn't seem to mind.

On Monday and Friday I leave her a list of chores and 'paperwork', math and handwriting pages we used when we were homeschooling. I make copies for her and she loves doing them. She'll read or dance or sing. And she's happy.

She loves her life. She's content. At peace. This is her life and in her eyes, it's a pretty great one.


Caz said...

Hello Cindy, really interested to read these posts. I work with adults with learning disabilites, and love to hear where people with additional needs are living the lives they want to live.

Melissa said...

Sometimes simple is easy and less stressful isn't it? Friends bring drama sometimes! LOL! Beth knows she's loved and she might be doing just enough for her! God is working on me in purging the excess in my life! What a good example Beth is... and you, too, mom! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

JC said...

Well, you have just described my familys life! When my day is over I like to sit back and relax, I am not one of those people who enjoy being on the go 24/7 and I don't need a ton of activities to keep me happy or occupied. Sounds like Beth is just one of those people too, content to lead a laid back life :)

Kristin said...

Our tv is on 18 hours a day it seems. I feel guilty every day that I don't take the kids out more. But then I justify it because Max is a runner and I can't keep up. Luckily the weather is perking up and we just bought a few backyard toys! But I too, am more of a homebody.

Mom of 12 said...

Well being happy is important! And content. It sounds perfect.

Alexandra said...

Thank you, Cindy! I have just discovered your blog and I am so inspired by it! My 6-year-old daughter has DS and is so full of potential, but I don't know any young adults with DS and I am so thankful to see all the wonderful things you write about Beth. I think this post pretty much sums up what I want for my little girl: right now we're in that non-stop motion phase but one day I hope she's able to sit still, enjoy her lessons, do the things she loves, and be perfectly content doing the activities she enjoys.
So amazing to hear how happy Beth is! Congratulations!