Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowflakes in Seattle! Oh, and Jello

Last night the snow fell in Seattle. We usually don't get a lot, certainly not like Colorado or Minnesota! But we do get some every year. Last night was beautiful. We turned off all the lights and sat at the kitchen window, watching the snow fall. It's so peaceful and amazingly quiet! I love how there are no cars, no birds, not one sound, yet the world is changing dramatically! I also love how our yard then looks as good as our neighbors. :)

Beth takes a lunchable when she goes to karaoke and art each Wednesday. A lunchable and a Sprite 0. Always. Every Wednesday the same thing. A lunchable and a Sprite 0. Except today. We forgot to get it when we went to the store this week. She was so disappointed last night! She started suggesting things she could do instead; walk to Wendy's and buy lunch (there's a Wendy's across the street from All Aboard, where she does karaoke) or maybe go to the donut shop next door and buy lunch. But we said no to both of those ideas.

I told her that even though lunch was going to be different today, it would still be okay. She would still ride DART, still be with her friends, still sing and do art. The only difference would be her lunch. Diana went through the pantry with her trying to find something but Beth just wasn't interested in any of it. She finally decided to make jello. She could take a small bowl of jello with her to All Aboard. Hey, fat free, sugar free jello? Sounds good to me! So we made jello. Okay, she made jello and I took pictures. :)

Here she's reading the note I leave her every night. Tells her the day, the time to set her alarm and the time her bus will be picking her up. Plus I write about meetings or things happening that night. She likes to know about things ahead of time.

Puttin' 'em in the fridge.

Watching the snow fall.

In the Spring this is a maroon azalea!

Our palm tree - before I brushed off the snow.

Along with the snow, we had howling winds and the power went out for a while!

Hope you all had a good night!


Kristin said...

Nice job on the jello! :)

My name is Sarah said...

How fun. Making jello. Good job.

Unknown said...

Jello is a GREAT replacement for a lunchable : )

Leah Spring said...

This is great! Angela is very similar with her need to know what's going on each day, only she knows the ENTIRE schedule for the week on Sunday night. When she goest to bed on Sunday I have to tell her the whole week. The problem is she does NOT like when there is a surprise thrown in! Or if we're running errands and I've decided to add one...yeah...doesn't go over so well. But she's not rigid at all. LOL What kind of alarm clock does Beth use? I wonder if it's something Angela could figure out. The one I have for her now is too complicated to operate herself.

Cammie Heflin said...

How have I never seen your blog before??? How precious is Beth?? Oh my goodness so glad you left a comment so we could "meet"!!!