Saturday, January 15, 2011

Side Bar Stories

I've recently added links to my side bar about Beth's growing up adventures. You know, potty training, the first time she rode the bus to school, etc.

I write this blog to help you in this journey of raising a child with Down Syndrome. Beth is 26. For those of you with younger kids, I've been there, done that. Bought the t shirt. Cleaned up that mess. Cried those tears. Felt that fear. You're not alone. Anything I can do to help?


Becca said...

Great! I'll definitely check those out. I'm so grateful to have the information and stories about Beth to follow. Do you find that most Ds bloggers just have young children, or do you know more out there of adults? I follow a few about teens and adults, but they're definitely few and far between. I love to hear all about Beth!!

Michelle said...

thanks so much for sharing your experiences with those of us who have younger kids! I enjoy reading about what Beth is up to!