Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The CW from DDD Comin' for the ISP

I'm getting ready for Beth's ISP today. Her Individual Support Plan. Her Case Worker, Job Coach and her Coaches supervisor will all be here in a couple of hours to see if Beth is still in need of support from the state.

It's denied each year, (we agree to it) mostly because Beth still lives at home and we still 'support' her. She gets monthly SSI checks (which she gives a part to us for her 'rent') plus she gets her paycheck from work every two weeks. She has plenty of money to live on and she likes living at home. We like it too. :) If she were living in a group home environment, her support would be different.

But once a year we have to sit down and hash out all the details. How does she get around to doctors appointments and to work? Does she shower independantly? Can she cook her own meals? And this one gets me every time.... 'When did she last have her toe nails clipped?" Yep, they wanna know!

So I'm getting ready for their arrival. Bathrooms cleaned... check! Dishes washed.... check! Toe nails clipped.... check! :)


Kristin said...

Dang - I'm glad I don't get asked about Max's toenails!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful life.