Saturday, November 6, 2010

Move Over Nick Jonas

Today was the Mukilteo Pinbusters year end bowling party and awards night. It was supposed to be last weekend but the bowling alley was already reserved. So the kids all wore their costumes today, did some bowling, ate some pizza then received their awards.

We usually don't dress up for halloween. I mean, the girls are grown and we haven't gone out trick or treating in years. We often help with the Harvest Party at church but we didn't even do that this year.

Beth has a new love. Nick Jonas has taken a back seat to.... Marty McFly. Yep, Marty, from the Back to the Future Trilogy. She watches that movie over and over. So, when she found out that they could wear costumes today she asked to go as Marty McFly. Um, okay. Last night we were at Value Village looking for a red, down vest. They actually had quite a selection! Anyway, after an hour, we walked out with the perfect ensemble.

Receiving her award.

Miranda dressed up as Fiona, Warrior Princess from Shrek 3.

It was so cute to see everyone in their costumes. Those kids sure know how to ham it up! We arrived home and guess what's on TV tonight? Back to the Future. Yep, all 3, back to back to back. Beth is so excited!

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Kristin said...

Nothin wrong with Marty!! {I have an orangey red puffy vest too!!}