Friday, November 19, 2010

Look What I found!!

Tis the season for white fudge covered Oreos!
NOW the holidays have officially begun! :)


A Lady Called Amy said...

Those look like they have potential. ;-)

Thank you for your comment on my most recent post. I am one to believe there may always be hope, but he seems pretty set on not making an effort to stay together. It's painful, but it may be for the best. If you ever want to directly e-mail me I can be reached at and then I'll have an e-mail for you so I don't have to write you mini-books as comments. :) Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.♥

Emily said...

YUMMY! That is officially on my list of things to buy at the store now.. thanks!

tonya said...

yum! i made some for halloween this year! i love them. it is nice to "meet" you! beth is beautiful...we are so excited to follow along on your journey!