Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Panic Mode

I'm one of those people that tend to panic in an emergency.  Adrenaline flows, my heart pounds, I talk faster and walk faster. That's what happened today when the assistant called from the bowling alley to tell me Beth was laying on the floor crying and did I happen to know what might be wrong?

I did know. Beth had called me at work right after she got on the bus (of course) to tell me her stomach hurt. I prayed with her and told her to call me after she got to the bowling alley. She was on the bus, there was nothing I could do anyway. When she didn't call, I figured everything was okay. Until the assistant called. The bowling alley is filled with about 150 kids practicing for Special Olympics. I kept thinking about Beth laying on the floor in the middle of all the noise and chaos. My heart ached.

I talked to her and she said she felt like she was gonna be sick. I told her to go into the bathroom, lean over the toilet and I'd be there as soon as I could. I work about 12 - 15 minutes from the bowling alley. I was there in 10.

I guess it was a good thing she waited until I got there to get sick. Boy did she get sick. I will save you from all the details. It was kind of funny to hear all the kids coming into the bathroom. They didn't hold back at all! "It stinks in here!" "Oh man! What smells?" "Wasn't me. Mine don't smell like that." Beth and I were in a tiny stall with the door locked so I said, "Someone got sick." One of the girls said, "Oh. That's why." Too funny.

Another assistant brought in Beth's purse and bowling ball. She still had on her bowling shoes so we had to change those then we slowly headed out to the car. I had some plastic bags that I put in her lap, just in case! (I also had to have her sit on a plastic bag and wished I had some extra undies in my purse, but that's all I will say about that.)

Got her home and had Diana call DART to tell them to cancel her ride and that I had brought her home. While she was talking to them, the bus driver called my cell asking me to confirm that I did indeed have Beth. All of this while I was hand washing clothes and getting Beth settled on the couch. I was thankful they wanted confirmation. Too many kids fall through the cracks on stuff like that.

So now Beth is settled on the couch watching the Disney Channel. She is sipping her Sprite and nibbling on crackers. Tomorrow is my day off so I'll be able to stay home with her. It was scary. I kinda wonder where the adults were who let her actually lay down on the floor. I wonder if anyone helped her up and to the bathroom. I guess they aren't as supervised as I thought they were. I don't know, with so many kids, maybe they were overwhelmed. And Beth doesn't like to talk to people. She's very shy and holds things in.

Oh well, I guess it went okay considering. She's home now, safe and comfy on the couch. And I think I'm past the panic mode.


Kristin said...

Oh poor girl. Being sick in a public place is the worst. Being sick at home is bad enough! Thank goodness you were close by.

Becca said...

Oh, poor sweet Beth!! I hope she's feeling better today.