Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dear Reader

I need your help. Your advise. Your expertise.

Chuck and I teach a Sunday school class for kids with special needs. We have kids with ADHD, Autism, one child has a seizure disorder. Our daughter has Down Syndrome. We know Down Syndrome. We've lived with it for 25 years.

What we don't know is Autism. Or ADHD. Or seizure disorder. We've talked to the parents and they have given us some good ideas. You know, my child likes to color. Or our child doesn't like loud noises. I've been on-line reading about classrooms and each of these (disabilities? Needs? Not even sure what to call them nowadays) but haven't had a lot of information to go with. I'm also considering meeting one on one with each parent, maybe go out for coffee and just let them talk.

Anyway, today I was thinking of all of you. We don't know these disabilities, but you might. If you do, would you be willing to leave a comment giving us some advise about these incredible kids? What makes your child relax? What causes them stress? When are they the happiest? What have you learned to do or not to do?

Tell me about your kids.....


Unknown said...

I am so excited for you. So, so excited.
I love your idea of taking the parents out for coffee. They might love talking. Having someone just listen.
You are a beautiful person indeed. Very, very beautiful!

Becca said...

What a fabulous undertaking! I, too, love your idea of sitting down with the parents individually. My husband does respite for some young adults and children with autism, and while I'm certainly no expert, I know that consistency is really key with them, keeping some sort of schedule. Don't change things up unexpectedly, and let them know what to expect at the beginning of the session. Good luck, and enjoy!

Sharaya said...

Ya know, I'm married to a kid with ADHD! :)
You could always talk to Ryan and see if he remembers what helped him as a kid. I know he was always on the move and always with his mouth open! Haha

Jo Ashline said...

One of your readers gave me your link. I would say for us, the biggest issue with our son who has autism is that he elopes. As a parent, I would want to know that proper procedures are in place to prevent him from escaping. That is a huge fear of ours; that our non-verbal child will run away and get lost.