Saturday, July 15, 2023

Under The Sea

 When we were back in New Jersey Diana and Beth went to see The Little Mermaid. As soon as they got back Beth said she wanted us to see it when we got home. So Monday night, we did.
Beth is afraid of heights and I get motion sickness. When Chuck and I go we sit against the back wall. When Beth goes, whoever she goes with is willing to sit in the first two rows. 
So we compromised and tried to sit halfway between the front and the back. We both struggled.
I thought it started earlier than it actually did but it worked out for me because the Dramamine had time to start working. But I still felt dizzy throughout the movie. At one point I had my eyes closed and my ears plugged! 
At one point near the start of the movie I noticed Beth was gripping the empty cup holder between us and she would look to her right. She'd glance at the screen but then look over to her right. I whispered and asked if she was scared, "A liddle bit."
So I put my arm over hers, (the one gripping the cup holder) and put my hand on her leg, with my fingers spread out to cover more area. I asked the Lord to have her move my arm or her own arm when she finally felt safe, so that I would know she was okay. We sat like that for about a half hour and then she pulled her arm out from under mine... and she was fine for the rest of the movie. Looking at the screen, laughing, singing along. Thank you Lord!
And... I loved the movie! And she did too of course. I was fascinated by the technology, the way they made it look like the hair was floating in the water, all the different sea creatures, the colors... And the way the different people groups learned to live together. There's one line that King Triton says to Ariel, "I'm sorry you had to lose your voice to be heard." Wah!!! 😭 It really is a beautiful movie: visually and culturally.


Terri D said...

Sweet!! I'm glad you were both able to enjoy most of the movie!!

Jeanie said...

Aw, This is nice. I can't sit too close -- though we had to for Titanic and believe me, I felt the ship was going down with me on it.

Cathy said...

Glad you enjoyed it...I'll probably wait to see it when it streams on Disney+ said...

What a sweet post. So glad you were able to comfort Beth until she was no longer afraid. I hadn't thought about motion sickness being an issue for folks watching Little Mermaid. My son-in-law Mustafa is terribly motion sick. Wonder if it would bother him?

The movie is beautiful, isn't it? And I was so thankful that the original songs were used in this version, too. They are so clever and catchy.

Doris said...

Ellen and I would like to see that movie but I'm not sire it's still in theaters...I must look. So glad you both enjoyed it and the compromise worked. Sweet post ♥️