Saturday, July 22, 2023

Shuttle, Friendship, Cotton Candy

 Do you ever get to a place where there's so much going on, your brain kind of stops receiving information? You can't think ahead? Have a hard time processing everything that's happened? That's where I am today.
For no I'll just share ith you about VBA - Vacation Bible Adventure. (Oh, and the double u key on our computer has a mind of it's own. I've spent more time trying to get it to work...)
More than a week of 10-12 hour days
Skipping lunch
Feet hurting
Sore muscles - barely able to move by the end of each day
But so worth it! The theme was Shining Jesus' Light. When someone is sad; when someone is angry; when there's a misunderstanding... show patience and kindness. Shine Jesus' Light! He is the Light of the world, so everything was space themed. And our kids team did a phenomenal job on the decor!

Lot's of great testimonies ~
A large group of kids coming every day, who live in a place that supports single moms fleeing DV situations
A four year old telling her mom she wants Jesus in her heart
A Chinese immigrant stopping me in the foyer to tell me how grateful she is for our church
A group of 4th grade boys coming out to the foyer to encourage another 4th grader who was scared to go in. He decided to go in with them! And joined in every single day!
And we held a large family party Friday afternoon so the parents, grandparents and siblings could see and hear about the week.
 Testing the dry ice ahead of time


The entrance into the Sanctuary and decor around the building

 The family party had hotdogs, chips, popcorn, cotton candy, inflatables...

Then, when it was all over...
 Taking down the moon that hung from the catwalk. 

It was a great week.


ellen b. said...

VBS is so much work but so worth it. I enjoyed reading about some of the sweet moments you shared. Our is coming up in August and I'll have a small part each evening.

Terri D said...

VBS seems like a lot more fun than when I was a kid 60 years ago. There were themes but no decorations like I've seen done today! Wow. The kids will remember the fun and the lessons forever! xo

Cathy said...

How wonderful! We haven't done VBS in several years. I'm so glad other churches are doing it and maybe someday we'll do it here again.

Doris said...

VBS is wonderful but wow, it's a workout for the staff! I helped with crafts for elementary age kids at our 3 day VBS. I truly could not have done any more evenings than 3....not because it was so terrible, I just no longer have the energy for THAT MANY kids!