Monday, February 21, 2022

Autism, Puppies and Technology

Ken called the other day and said he'd like to have the memorial in San Diego on Mother's Day weekend. It will give him enough time to continue working on the house and would be a nice way to honor my sister. So now I'm scanning photos to make some posters to take down with us. Instead of taping photographs onto display boards, I guess the thing to do now is to just have some posters made. Upload your pictures and they print collages on any size poster you want. It will definitely be easier than packing all the photos, then buying the boards once we get down there.

I went down to the waterfront the other day and saw this guy 'greeting' everyone who walked, jogged or drove by.


Special Connections is going well. We have two boys - brothers - who absolutely love the class. They refuse to be with the typical students and even ask me to close the door when the other kids get too loud in their room across the hall. They are both on the spectrum but often hug me and tell me Sunday is their favorite day of the week. It does my heart good!

The boys with our other teacher, playing with kinetic sand


Poppy is growing fast and learning all sorts of things: sit, stay, come, don't eat that! Let go of my finger! You know, typical puppy stuff. We took her for a walk a few weeks ago and she became so overwhelmed by the people, other dogs barking, traffic (she's just 4 months old) that Diana had to carry her the rest of the way home. She won't be able to lift her much longer!


Beth got a new phone. She dropped her old one and the screen cracked. Not just the protective cover but the actual screen. She wanted a Motorola since that's what she's used to and was so concerned she would lose all of the information on her old phone. She was so relieved to find out they would transfer everything to the new one!


That's about all from here. I hope you're doing well and are enjoying this last bit of winter.


Rebecca Jo said...

Glad they were able to transfer all of Beth's things.

Poppy!!!! Can you imagine how big a world it seems to a new puppy!

Technology - that's a great idea to print the poster board collage!!!

ellen b. said...

Autism is a tough road. Glad you have a safe spot for them. Hope all goes well with the posters you are creating. Glad you have the date set. Yippee that Beth's info was all transferred to her new phone.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Mother's Day sounds like a lovely day to honor your sister. Cute dog greeting everyone. The waterfront looks so peaceful. That is so sweet about those brothers. Glad you are able to be with them. Oh my, boys and their tracks!!! Poppy is so cute. Sorry about Beth's phone. Glad she was able to get a new one. Take care and God Bless.

Billie Jo said...

That puppy! What a cutie!!!! And I am so glad Beth could get the phone she wanted and that her things were safely transferred! I am always a wreck until I turn on the new phone and see my stuff there! Have a cozy evening, my friend. Rainy here!

R's Rue said...

Thank you for sharing your world. I enjoy following.

Pamela M. Steiner said...

I'm glad to hear you have a date for your sister's celebration of Life. I know that it will be a difficult day, but it will help bring closure to be able to talk about her life and honor her memory with others. Mother's Day seems like a fitting time to do that as well. Oh, that doggy on the fence is so cute! Love him! And Poppy looks like a sweet pup! Glad you are able to encourage the young people with autism at your church. that is a real blessing for them and also for their parents. Happy that Beth was able to replace her phone with no hassles. That was very important for her, and I know you are relieved as well. I hope you have a good rest of your week. It was good to hear from you.

Jeanie said...

The posters are a brilliant idea. And I think it would be healing to work on them and recall those wonderful memories. said...

Have always wondered if I might be on the spectrum myself. Glad for the successes of the students you are working with. This week in the class I where I was subbing we had a nonverbal child and a child who only spoke French. I was so tickled when both of them attempted to talk to me.

Beth looks pretty as a picture in her red and purple. She wears deep colors well. Glad her information could be easily transferred to her new phone.

Hope the memorial is an uplifting, hopeful occasion.

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