Monday, August 23, 2021


I'm still here. I get home from work and reserve all my energy for work the next day. It's been non-stop.

We've rearranged the stage in the gym. Replaced the orange carpet on the third floor. And we're getting a brand new phone system next week. We've had this one for 20 years! Did I tell you my boss was let go a couple months ago? We were all in shock for a few days. But those of us who worked under him knew he just wasn't doing his job. Doesn't make it any easier though.


Beth is learning how to use the new washer. She's doing really well! We've been grocery shopping. Got my car washed.


Ally and E came over the other night. They picked some blackberries and made... not sure what! in the backyard. 😂

And speaking of our backyard, I have wanted to buy a tetherball since covid started but I haven't been able to find one that comes with a base. Any suggestions?

And finally, the other night the temps dropped down into the 50s so we decided to light up the fireplace! It felt so peaceful and cozy!


betty said...

Oh my goodness, temps in the 50s!! We won't have that for months :) Glad you got to enjoy a fire in the fireplace!!

Good luck with the new phone system!! I am not fond of getting used to new systems; hopefully it will be a breeze to learn!


Susan said...

Your fireplace looks so cozy! We won't use our until Dec. New carpeting is always nice!

Terri D said...

Wow to a fire in the fireplace. We are still in the high 70s at night and high 90s during the day. Lots of stuff going on at your work! WOW!! Good stuff!! Beth is amazing! Not sure I could figure out one of those new-fangled washing machines! I enjoyed your post! xo

Pamela M. Steiner said...

This was a fun and busy post! Lots of stuff going on both at home and at work! I understand how you feel about things at work...been there, done that. That phone system looks just like what we had at the church where I worked. Is that the old or the new? Must be the old. It's a big undertaking to upgrade a phone system for a large office. Wow! A fire in the fireplace already? That would be nice! Like Terri said...we have 70's at night and 90's in the daytime, and will for a while yet. We have an electric "fireplace" that we can turn on anytime just for the ambiance if we don't want the heat part of it, but we usually wait until it starts getting darker earlier, or is darker in the mornings when we wake up. Then it makes for a nice cozy glow. I bet you loved your fire already. Makes me want some hot cocoa and marshmallows! Have a great week. Try not to overdo it!

ellen b. said...

We're due for some new carpeting at church, too. Hope your next boss is a good one! Take care!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So much going on....busy, busy, busy!!!

Gingermog said...

Your fire places looks amazing, warm cosy and inviting. Guess it won’t be too long and Autumn will be here.