Sunday, April 11, 2021

Dive Bombing in the Sunshine

Whenever I get a full day at home it's a good day and I got two days at home this week! Our weather has been so nice, this kind of forecast doesn't happen very often around here!

I got home from work on Friday and actually went out to the backyard to watch a plane fly overhead. While I was searching the sky I noticed a crow dive bombing another bird. You can see the little white blob on the branch just to the left of the crow.

After a few minutes I see a large hawk fly out of the tree and into a different group of trees! It was incredible to see this amazing bird flying right above me!

Then the crows started dive bombing it again! After about 10 minutes I realized my neck was getting sore so I went in. You never know what you might see out in God's creation!

I was able to get a little yard work done this weekend. The back of my legs are SO sore from stretching while I was pulling weeds but it is looking so good. I love doing work when you can actually see the results!

And guess who's back? I started noticing twigs and grass hanging out of our wreath a few days ago. It's been three years since they built a nest on our porch and I'm excited to watch them again!

Well that's about it around here. Back to work tomorrow. I'm thankful for the weather this week! It's time to bring out the spring / summer clothes!

Do you have birds / bird feeders in your yard?

Do you create a moat around your plants to catch the water?


Pamela M. Steiner said...

Oh, is it a wren building that nest in your wreath? They love to find the most unusual places to put their nests. And I love to watch the hawks. Yes, the crows do NOT like hawks, and they do a lot of that "dive bombing" here too, and make such a racket when they do! I love to watch the birds. Yes, we have bird feeders and a bird bath, and of course, the pond, so we have a lot of bird activity around here! Never a dull moment! Enjoy your week. Glad you enjoyed some sunshine and nice weather over the weekend. Makes you feel good, doesn't it?

Terri D said...

Glad you had a good day working in your yard! I don't have plants outside. I kill plants, inside and outside. How cool that a bird built a nest in your wreath. Keep us posted on that! I don't have bird feeders. There is lots of food around for birds in Florida. A feeder would cause so much commotion and mess but I do like hearing the birds and seeing them. Have a good week!

Rebecca Jo said...

Look at all that sunshine in the forecast - the best!
When I have to lean over & do yard work for awhile - I'm always amazing at HOW BADLY I'm out of shape - LOL

Cathy said...

Love your bird pictures and also the little next in the wreath.

ellen b. said...

It's always good to look at a planter that has been weeded. That's a crack up that the bird is building a nest in the wreath again! Glad you could have two days off!!

betty said...

First time visiting; loved reading your blog. We used to live in the San Diego area so enjoyed that post about your daughter's visit to San Diego. Enjoyed reading about Beth celebrating her day! I have a 42 year old nephew with Down syndrome. Love him! He memorizes scripture and knows the meaning of what he is memorizing. Wonderful young man!

Loved reading about your hawk sighting. Hawks hold a very special place in my heart. When my mom died back in 2006 a day later I was working (from home at the time) and heard this sound that turned out to be a hawk that had landed on our brick wall. Had never seen a hawk do that before. I believe God sent me that hawk to comfort me during the time of my intense grief. I see hawks every now and then but it is usually when I need a "little" reminder from God that He is with me and will never forsake me. I could watch them all day soaring through the sky :)

We don't have bird feeders here now where we live in Phoenix but when we lived in Prescott Arizona (90 miles north of Phoenix) we fed the birds and had a wonderful season of quails that came to visit us. Enjoyed that so much. Now we have a corgi pup that chases birds away :)

I'll be following along with your adventures if that is okay with you :)


(I added my link to my blog only because I just started a new one and I'm not advertising it yet on my profile; just in case you want to visit; but no obligation to do so :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Glad you had some nice weather. Yes we have hawks everyday here. We are up high and we have a big hill behind us so they go after mice and whatever else is down there. Great shots!!