Saturday, September 5, 2020

Saturday Snippets - Sun, Eyes, Fire

Beth's eye appointment was... different. She was seen by 3 different people, one said her vision is fine. She doesn't see any blurry images because her brain has just ignored that eye. After all these years she's adapted and is doing fine. But if we want her to get new glasses, some special lenses will help.

Then the doctor came in and very quickly examined her eyes. And I don't mean he was in and gone, but it was that he was moving so fast, he spoke fast, he worked fast, he was like a whirlwind! Checking this and that... he kept calling her Liz and after a couple minutes I got brave enough to say she goes by Beth. But that didn't matter. He called her Liz. And Lizzy. And Betty. And Bit... Then he turned to me and said she needed surgery. Because one eye is cross-eyed, he'll do surgery to correct it. Oh! I asked how the surgery would help her vision. "It won't. She won't see the world any differently, it will just change how the world sees her."

I told him we'd let him know. Beth and I talked about it on the way home and she decided, "No way" on the surgery. I think she's making the right choice.

Sharaya and Allie come over for dinner every Wednesday and this week after dinner we went out to the backyard. Allie and I played corn hole and we all sat around the fire and talked. I do love these kind of evenings.

I came home for lunch the other day and stood out in the backyard for a while. The sun was shining, it was beautiful and so nice to be outside after being at my desk all morning.

 I hope you're having a great weekend!


ellen b. said...

Oh wow. That was not a nice encounter with that doctor. Yikes! I'm glad you decided against surgery. How nice to sit around that fire and having catch up time with each other. Nice...
Happy Labor Day to you!

Jeanie said...

The second doctor sounds like a serious jerk. I have a feeling he'd opt for his wife's cosmetic surgery so he would "see" her without wrinkles or a double chin. Beth sounds wise. I can understand how one might want to be seen differently but that's not the way it should be presented and good for Beth to have such a positive sense of self.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I agree, no surgery sounds like the best choice. How nice to have Sharaya and Allie over. Hope your weekend is going well too.

Terri D said...

Sounds like that doctor needs to pay for his new car, recommending surgery that won't help Beth's eyes at all. Beth knows best, it seems! It is funny seeing a fire in the backyard when we are still in the high 80s/low 90s down here in Florida. Cold weather is coming for you folks up north! Have a good week!!

Rebecca Jo said...

What is the point of surgery then? That doctor sounds like a grade a jerk!!! I'm with Beth. if it changed her eye sight, then MAYBE... but that comment - the way the world sees her? UMMM - no thank you sir. That aggravates me.