Saturday, September 12, 2020

Saturday Snippets - Non-Stop, Finished and "What IS that?"

 Chuck and I went for a walk earlier this week and we was telling me how he rode Sharaya's bike for a couple miles. He hasn't been on a bike in years! We came home after our walk and he went out to blow the pine cones off the driveway. His energy level is astounding!

I finally finished my puzzle! I tried to work on it a little every day and it took me almost a month! It was hard but I feel good now that it's done.

 Work has really picked up a lot this week. We have two schools operating now, plus our maintenance guy is on vacation (Did I already tell you this?) Anyway, I've noticed our sprinklers aren't working quite like they should... I've done a lot of work for the schools... lowered the flags for 9/11 - Patriots Day... I've worked a lot of hours this week so it's been great to just be home today.

 And speaking of 9/11, I recently found out that Edmonds has a small memorial so Beth and I went down there after work on Friday. There is a beam that was at Ground Zero, the two panels represent the Twin Towers, there are tiny glass panels that represent each person who died... blue and red for the police officers and fire fighters... it was actually very emotional being there.

And... fire fighters! The west coast is on fire! Literally. Up and down California, Oregon, and Eastern Washington there are so many wildfires burning. Beth woke me up this morning, I could hear her talking kinda loud down stairs so I went down and she pointed to her window, "What IS that?"

"What is what?"

"The color." 

The winds have carried smoke up the coast to Seattle and we've been socked in lately. 

It's creating an orange hue on everything. I told her I was just thankful we only had smoke, no fire. We're wearing our masks now even to just check the mail.

We've been praying for everyone involved in battling the hundreds of fires that are burning right now. 2020 just keeps going...

I hope you are all healthy and safe.


Terri D said...

Those fires and all in their paths are so sobering and with you being able to see the smoke (and breathe it) must be harrowing. Praying!!

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Praying for you and everyone in the path of those fires. I have some cousins in Oregon and friends also. Praying for them, as they also have livestock to take care of outside. May God be merciful and bring on the rains to help quench these fires. Praying every day.

ellen b. said...

The smoke has been very bad and quite intolerable outside. Hope you don't have to work outside while the smoke is so bad. Praying for fires to get extinguished and for rain and a breeze to shoo the smoke away!!

Cathy said...

What a beautiful memorial!