Saturday, September 19, 2020

Saturday Snippets - BZZZ, Smile, Waiting

The pest control guy came out this week. I saw a few bees flying back and forth under one of our eves and when he got here we saw about 15-20 bees flying around. He said for every bee outside, there are about 10 inside. Eewww!! 

Beth bought a new refrigerator that has a separate freezer. She's kind of outgrown the small fridge / freezer she has now and was so excited when this was delivered! And then we opened it up. 

It was dented in a few places and many of the shelves were cracked and broken. We told Beth she could still use it and we would order new shelves or we could send it back and wait for a new one. Of course now this one is on back order so it's going to be a while until it comes. But she wants to wait for a new one. You can see the stainless and black one she's using now just to the right. This one is going to be so much better for her. But for now, we wait.  


Allie came over today and helped me paint part of the fireplace. The red area was behind our old insert and needed to be painted before they put in the new one. It'll be installed on Wednesday!

 Then we painted pumpkins. 😊


Beth and I went to the grocery store this week and she put in The Greatest Showman CD. We sat in the driveway listening to the end of one of the songs and she was really rocking out! I'd pull up my phone to take a picture and she'd stop moving and quietly sing. I put my phone down and she'd bop her shoulders and jam! She's so shy, this is as crazy as she gets when she's being watched!

Are you shy or are you comfortable in front of the camera? Do you always carve pumpkins or do you draw or paint on them?


Susan said...

I like to smile for the camera. We buy a few pumpkins but don't usually paint them. We might take the top off one to plant some succulents in it.

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Oh, what a shame about the refrigerator! Definitely wait for the new one! We are going to be refrigerator shopping soon as ours just isn't keeping the freezer cold enough and we've had a new thermostat put it and that didn't fix it. I hate buying a new one because they just don't make them like they used to and the don't last long. This one is only about 4 years old, if that. Love that Beth enjoys music. I understand her shyness, especially when she's relaxed and enjoying something. Me? I'm a bit of a ham, in case you haven't noticed. LOL. Your fireplace will be so lovely. I know you can't wait! I've never painted a pumpkin before. We always made jack o lanterns when the kids were young. Now I usually just let them be natural, if I get one. They don't like the heat outside much here and don't last long if I put them out. So we shall see if I get a real one or not this year. Your granddaughter did a great job of painting everything!! What a blessing!

ellen b. said...

Great painting job, Allie. Too cute about Beth toning things down when the camera is on here. I dance better when no one is watching. :)

Terri D said...

That is a great painter you got to help with the fireplace! Fun pumpkins! I am right there with Beth! I would much rather be behind the camera (and usually am!).

Rebecca Jo said...

I'm with Beth on getting down to the Greatest Showman soundtrack!!!!
I bet she's gonna love all that space in her fridge. Time to stock that baby up :)