Sunday, May 3, 2020

We Carefully Ventured Outside...

The 3 of us went out this week. We were desperate for some office supplies and needed a tarp for our fire ring. Plus we needed more masks and gloves so in the pouring rain we donned our masks and braved the elements.

We went to Office Max and I think there was one other person in the whole store. Found everything except gloves and masks. 

Then Home Depot, that place was packed! We had to wait in line outside for a few minutes while they monitored how many could go in but there were still a whole lot more people in there then I was comfortable with! The only thing we bought were the tarps.

Then to Safeway for groceries and back home again. Whew! I find myself anxious to get home. 

Beth was finding it hard to breathe in her mask so I ended up going on to Etsy and bought some good homemade masks. I can't wait 'til they come in! 

Then we settled in at home, fixed some hot tea and played Uno.

Have you been out much? 
When you do go out, does it make you nervous?

I think about you often!
Have a wonderful day!


Susan said...

California is still pretty strict about wearing mask and I am ok with that. I have been making mask.

Rebecca Jo said...

My anxiety is SUPER HIGH when I go out.
Home Depot is getting ALLLLL the business right now.

Jeanie said...

I have extremely high anxiety and I'm not going anywhere. For a long time.

Billie Jo said...

Good for you to get what you needed and get home!
I don't go out but my kids do get the groceries and mail for us.
Steve and I go for rides around the lake.
Stay safe and cozy!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Yes those masks can be hard to breath in. Glad you ordered a mask for her. I have a few coming for myself. I ventured out today to take my car for a ride. I thought a simple trip to the ATM would work but the ATM was not working. Went inside, had my mask and gloves. Everyone had on masks and were spaced accordingly but I didn't like it at all. I feel best at home!! Take care, stay well.

ellen b. said...

I'm getting used to the effort in going out donning a mask. Sometimes I wear gloves. I don't carry a purse anymore but have my license and credit card in a pocket and do well enough with the bare essentials. I have wipes in the car and use them after a visit to a store. Looking forward to better days ahead!

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Today was our first day out to lunch! We had to sit outside, but some of our church friends joined us, and we had such a great time. we've missed each other so much. Yes, I agree about Home Depot. We went there last week, and we were counted going in and out. They were still too busy and there wasn't much help for what we needed. I pray for my DIL< who works there in the paint department. She has been exhausted because they have been SO busy and she has very little help in her dept. Everyone has time on their hands so they want to do home improvement projects. Please take care and stay healthy and safe.