Saturday, February 8, 2020

Renewed Excitement!

I went to a Disability Ministry Conference today and I was 
reignited for my Sunday school class and this vital ministry God has called me to.

One thing that was brought up a few times is how you need to get the pastoral staff on board with your vision. It's one thing for them to tell you disability ministry is a great thing and you should run with it. It's completely different when they get behind the call, supporting it from the pulpit, getting to know those in the congregation who have special needs.

"If the pastors don't have the vision, the ministry will die."

So I'm going to begin again, praying that our pastors catch the Lord's vision for disability ministry at our church. None of our pastors or board members have children or close family members who have disabilities. I believe with my all heart that they care about those with special needs, but they're afraid. They don't know how to interact with them. I truly believe they just don't understand.

And deep in my heart I feel called to educate them.

I came away from the conference with renewed confidence that the pastors will embrace people with special needs and they will one day become active members of our church. Leading and serving in the body of Christ. I'm excited for this again!

Do you have a family member with special needs? 
Are they accepted at church or at school?  


Billie Jo said...

You are awesome, Cindy.
A mother is her child's best advocate, and you are the best!
Keep going!
Hugs from snowy PA.

ellen b. said...

Our associate pastor has a son with Down Syndrome. He is 4. Our church has embraced him and others in our congregation with special needs.