Friday, November 22, 2019

Random Stuff

I've been in a funk the last few days. I think it's due to stress and so much responsibility on my shoulders right now. I know you've been there too, when you can't turn your thoughts off and you're waking up in the middle of the night thinking of all the things you have to do or trying to remember if you did everything you were supposed to do... and I hate feeling this way during this time of year!

Beth has been home sick all week. I think it's just a cold, there's no fever, she's just really congested.

There are 4 staff members at work who have had the stomach flu this week. The rest of us are using disinfecting wipes everywhere!

I thought our washing machine broke a few weeks ago. After doing a load the laundry room floor was flooded! I took the rug outside and mopped up the mess. We didn't use it for a week and then one afternoon when Chuck was home I laid out a bunch of towels and did a small load.

No water.

Then I did a medium load and then a large and there was no water on the floor! I have no idea what caused it before but I'm so thankful it's still working! It's really old, we bought it about 15 years ago but it's still going strong!

I just looked through my camera to see if I have pictures I could post but they're all of work! Crooked doors, a big event last week, part of a shelving unit I want to replace...     

Chuck continues to do well with his new diet. He saw the nutritionist on Monday and now he's able to eat soft foods like applesauce, soft scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, etc. His clothes are looking really baggy on him!

Are you doing okay? I hope things are going well for you and your families.  


Regina said...

I hope Beth feels better soon. We've had cold "cooties" here as well. We had to take our youngest to the ER last week because urgent care clinic was full. Her fever just wouldn't stay down. Turns out in addition to her cold she had an ear infection.
We all have been sick but I say to get all the sickies out now so hopefully we don't get sick at Thanksgiving.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Hope Beth feels better soon and that stomach flu stays away! Glad your washing machine is doing well. I'm glad Chuck is doing well. I'm doing okay but very stressed this time a year and I don't work so my heart goes out to you.

ellen b. said...

Hope things look up for you soon and that everyone is healthy for Thanksgiving week!

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh man, I hate those seasons where it feels like everything is going wrong & life just piles up the troubles. Hang in there. The light will shine through soon enough.
Glad your hubby can start on some soft food. perfect for some Thanksgiving tastes, right :)

Saimi said...

It's crazy the best time of the year shouldn't be so stressful but somehow it always seems to put pressure on us. Sorry you're in a funk and I hope it doesn't last long and I'm crossing my fingers you don't get the crud. Man that is one thing I don't miss about working in a school. Ever since I've retired, I haven't been sick. Now watch, I've just jinxed myself. Hope Beth feels better! That's happy news about your husband, he must feel like he's got his life back, probably even has more energy! It's hard to do so it makes me happy to think how far he's come!
Last year was a strange year for us at Christmas. One of our sons was in New Zealand and it wasn't our year to have our other son and his wife so it was just my husband and me. I'm telling ya there was no pressure. We had my in laws over for a Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve so come Christmas day we just spent the day skiing and doing our own thing. This year they will all be home so I'm super excited but with that comes a bit of stress. It's all good though. Our son and his wife and kids who live in Idaho stays home for Christmas, which I totally support. I think kids should be home for Christmas and not travel. They usually FaceTime us so we get to share in their excitement.
Hang in there and enjoy the Holidays, we need to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves.

Patti said...

Seems like everyone I know has either a cold or the stomach flu. Stuff sure goes around this time of year! Hope Beth feels better very soon.

That's awesome that your husband is doing so well after his surgery. What a good feeling to have clothes getting baggy!!

I'm still using the same dryer we bought in June, 2000, and I'm happy it still works so well. We moved into this house last year, and the previous owner left his nearly new HE washer, so I donated my 2000 washing machine to a thrift store. I'm so glad to have a washer and dryer in my home! I never want to take that luxury for granted.

Have a wonderful, abundantly blessed Thanksgiving.