Friday, November 15, 2019

I Was Sure I Had Killed It

Chuck and I finally went and saw Downton Abbey the other day. There were only about 8 of us in the theater cause it's been out for so long already but it was really good! We love those characters! As we were walking to the car he asked if I noticed they left the ending open for another movie. 😊

Sharaya and Allie come over for lunch on Sundays and Sharaya sometimes goes grocery shopping while we watch Allie. One Sunday recently we all went outside and cleaned up the driveway. I was told evergreen trees don't lose their leaves, they stay green all year so our first winter in Washington I saw our huge cedar trees needles (not sure you can call them leaves?) turn orange! What?! I started to panic! I was sure I had killed this 50 year old tree! But no, some of the older 'leaves' turn orange and fall off, covering your driveway and front porch and sidewalk and they get in your car and your house...

So you have to go out and clean up. We got the leaf blower and brooms and got to work. It's not as fun as jumping in a huge pile of maple leaves but it's family time!

After the yard work we went in and played Mexican Train. It's such a fun game! Look at that concentration! If I remember right, Beth won. Of course. She's so good at this game!

Work is still very busy but my boss and I are trying to come up with a solution to lessen my workload. Honestly I'm not sure his idea will work but I'm willing to give it a try. I'll let you know after the changes have been made. I had another meeting with my team today. With our Thanksgiving outreach right around the corner things are about to get even busier!

Are you already prepping for Thanksgiving?


Patti said...

Oh, yeah, I noticed that they left Downton open for a sequel. I mean, we have to see if our Tom finds happiness again, don't we? And Granny has to get better. Can we even imagine Downton without the amazing Maggie Smith?

Those m&m's look yummy! I wonder how many WW points in a bag of them?

I haven't played Mexican train for years. But I used to love it! I'm sure I still would, just haven't played. It IS fun to play games as a family.


P.S. I see that your husband had surgery this week. I hope his recuperation has gone really well and that he is feeling great.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

We always go to an early show so they are very few people in the show at that time. Glad you got to see Downton. I did see one of them on a talk show and there is talk about a second movie. Sounds like a lot to clean up and definitely no fun jumping into pin needles! My mother in law plays that game. I've never played. Hope your bosses idea works! We will be going to our sons house for Thanksgiving and bringing a few dishes. I'm kinda liking it since they started hosting it last year. However my husband has always wanted a turkey dinner for his birthday which is Monday so now he can finally have one since I don't have to cook on Thanksgiving. We are making a small turkey breast on Sunday with a few of his favorites.

ellen b. said...

While I was in Bothell last weekend my DIL offered to go to a theater with me to see Downton Abbey. It didn't work out so I'm still in the dark. Glad your tree is okay. I'm not doing the Thanksgiving meal on Tday but will do one on the Saturday of the weekend. I'll start prepping with making a list tomorrow!

Rebecca Jo said...

I havent heard of that game - but I am all about learning new ones!!!
I still cant believe I havent seen downton... but good to know there could be more!!