Sunday, October 27, 2019

Random Stuff

Sharaya took a trip to New Orleans this weekend. As a single mom she tries to get away one time a year for just a little 'me' time. 

So Allie spent the night on Friday! I took her to her school's Halloween dance. Allie and her friends hung out in the center of the gym and danced a little, they ran around outside, there was pizza and cookies... I'm glad I got to take her. It was fun to watch her in her element.

Afterwards I was showing her all the pictures I took and in this one she said they were pretending they were jumping off the titanic. 😊 

 Saturday morning I took her to gymnastics. 
Now she's staying at a friends house for a few nights.

Look at this face!! 💖

Saturday night was our Harvest Party at church. The theme was Candy Land and there were games in every classroom: laser tag, cookie decorating, ring toss, bowling, a lot like you'd see at a carnival. 

Then the gym was set up with  large inflatables and there were hotdogs and chips... it's always so much fun! We ended up having more than 1500 people come through!

All the volunteers stayed to help clean up and by the time my crew and I cleaned and restocked the bathrooms, vacuumed, mopped, set the alarm and headed home, it was 10:30!

We gave away a LOT of candy!

One of the photo spots

When it was all over...

I just spent a couple hours creating gift bags for my crew. They work incredibly hard throughout the year and I can't thank them enough!

 Just a few of the 8 custodians on my staff
(FYI - he's 6'10")

I've really been loving fall this year. It's usually not my favorite time of year with summer ending and all the sunshine going away for 5 months... But for some reason this year I just can't get enough of it! The cooler temps, the beautiful colors... I'm loving this!

Do you like fall? What's your favorite season?


ellen b. said...

We are having our first Harvest Carnival at our church here in Colville. It will be interesting to see how many attend. The theme of yours sounds fun and accurate looking at all that candy. That is one tall guy! Your team is busy for sure.
I love Fall and Spring.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Allie looks so cute and it looks like it was a fun party. Gymnastics looks like fun too and then staying with her friend. It's a nice getaway for her too! Wow, that was a big church party. How wonderful to have such a dedicated group of people. Looks at all that candy!!! I love the Fall colors. My you have been busy.....