Thursday, September 5, 2019

So Thankful

Linking up with Rebecca Jo

It's been such a difficult 6 weeks but even with all that's happened in our family there's still so much to be thankful for.

My niece is doing okay. She got her kids back to school, and she applied for and got a new job!

We tried something new last week. Beth never learned to ride a bike without training wheels and last week she tried riding an adult trike. She was exhausted but she loved it! Sharaya, Allie, Beth and I rode around for quite a while!

My job is going so well. My team is eager to work, they all get along... it's been nice! 

My dad is finally getting the type of care he needs. His health is declining but I get to fly down to San Diego in the morning to see him and my sister. I can't wait!

Have you tried something new recently? If not, is there something you've always wanted to do?


Rebecca Jo said...

I am SOOOOO glad you get to fly out to see your dad!! That makes my heart happy for you! Soak up every minute!!!
Growing up, our neighbor had her Downs Sister living with her - I usually spent every day playing games with her -she was the best. But she had an adult trike & EVERYYYY day, you could find her riding it up & down the road. Even now, more than 30 years later, every time I see a bike like that, we always say, "Hi Sherry" ... hope Beth gets a love of biking with it.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

The bike riding looks like fun. So glad Beth was able to do it. Hope your visit with you dad is beautiful. Take care.

Adelaide Dupont said...

Beth is riding a handcycle!

So brilliant!

And the recumbents are quite all right too - especially for people who like/need to be on the ground.

Hooray for your niece.

And "Hi Sherry!"