Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Just Random Stuff

Work has been so busy lately. 

We recently had a memorial for a sitting mayor of a city near us. I'm sot sure how he died but there were about 500 people there to honor him. Lots of police officers, fire fighters and local dignitaries. 

The next day we had to set up for our Business Meeting so I had Beth come in to help us. There were 23 tables and a whole lot of chairs!

 Our Sunday school class went well. We've had a couple new students recently, the class is definitely growing although we only had a few this weekend. Teacher M is telling them about Jesus calming the storm.

 I picked Allie up from school on Tuesday and she got to spend the night with us because Sharaya went out with friends and knew she was going to have a late night.

Getting ready for school and for All Aboard

Today I went out to lunch with friends to celebrate one of their birthdays. It had been about a year since we all went out together and it was so good to get together.

Things around here have been pretty tame compared to other parts of the nation. Those of you living through the Polar Vortex, stay safe and warm!


Rebecca Jo said...

Life just keeps us busy every day, that's for sure!

Barb said...

Hi Cindy~

That's too bad about your mayor, what a nice turnout for his memorial. You have a huge job, it's so wonderful that Beth helps you with it, that's a lot of chairs to have to put up!

I love the way the teacher put a little boat on the floor with tape, what a good idea! I love teaching Bible stories to children, we are studying the, New Testament right now, oh how I love those wonderful parables!

Sleepovers are the best, I can tell that Allie looks up to Beth, very cute.

How fun to go out to dinner with friends, I think we all need those times to reconnect!

We have been cold here, but nothing like the North East...burrrrrr!

Have a great week-end!!

Hugs and Love,