Saturday, October 27, 2018

We Did It! The Sleep Study Is Over

A few days before Beth was supposed to have the study done, I took her to the clinic to get a look at the rooms and talk a little about what was gonna happen. She asked how long we'd be there, what day we'd be home... We've learned it helps her when we explain things ahead of time and give her the timeline. 

(We went to New York in 2004 and Beth was so mad the whole time. Until we figured out that she thought this was our life now. Once she learned it was temporary and we'd be back home soon, she perked right up!)

Just one of a few pictures we have like this:

So now we always plan ahead. πŸ‘ 

On Thursday we got to the clinic at about 8:30 and they took us to the room. We immediately felt like we were on vacation, it was so much like a hotel room. We loved it and made ourselves right at home!

The tech came in and started hooking Beth up to all the wires, gosh there were so many! Beth watched Madagascar 3 while the tech and I (why can't I remember her name?!) talked about traveling. 

(Sharaya and Diana are actually in New Orleans right now and the tech - I'll call her T - took her husband there for his birthday a couple years ago.)

We sat and watched TV for a while before climbing into bed. T brought in a cot, basically it was a roll-away bed for me to sleep on, and turned out most of the lights. When we were finally ready for bed, I think it was about 10:30, we called T and she came in to help Beth get into bed.

That large pad with all the wires coming out of it actually attached to the wall and transmitted all the data so she didn't have to sleep with that but there was still a lot of stuff! After she got into bed, we had to straighten all the wires out and then we turned out the lights and went to sleep.

I woke up at about 3:30 and just watched Beth for a few minutes. She hadn't moved at all since we crawled into bed and I saw her reach up and scratch her neck. But it was very controlled and methodical, like she was awake. I of course laid there wondering if the lamp we left on was keeping her awake but she didn't want to wake me to tell me. 

So I got up to check on her and she looked like she was asleep. I turned the lamp off and they had a pretty bright night light built into the wall so I quietly went back to bed.

T came in at about 6:00 to wake us up and the first thing Beth said was, "I did it!!" 

She had told me before we got there that she was a little nervous, but she really did great! We got up and T took all the equipment and the stuff off of her and told us there was a survey we needed to fill out on the computer. I sat back and let Beth do the whole thing. She read the questions out loud and then clicked on the appropriate answer. 'How well did you sleep?' 'Did you have heartburn?' One of the questions asked if anything had woken her up during the night. "Yeah. When you turned off the lamp." Oh. πŸ˜€ Whoops!! So she wrote, "When my mom trun off the lamp." (Yes, trun!)

T said they got some good data and that Beth did really well. We went home, took a shower and got all that waxy goo stuff out of her hair, then decided to go to breakfast to celebrate!

Strawberry crepes with a side of hash browns for the win!!


Saimi said...

Congratulations to Beth for completing the sleep study! Man I'd be too wired to sleep. She did a great job and was so proud of herself!! I like the way you celebrate, the breakfast looks yummy!!

ellen b. said...

Well done!

Rebecca Jo said...

WHEW! I know that was a big worry for you so i'm glad its all over!!! & it all went smoothly!

Heather said...

LOL - that New York picture is a gem!
Glad the sleep study went well, Beth! The hotel room environment is such a good idea for a sleep study - so much better than if it was like a hospital room!

Barb said...

Hi Cindy~

I'm so glad that Beth did okay, those kind of experiences can be scary. She looked pretty happy eating those crepes...yum!!

Hugs and Love,