Sunday, June 10, 2018

Stress And Loss, What A Week

At 1:30 Tuesday morning I got a call from a friend telling me her mom had died. I met Vera more than 25 years ago when we did ministry together at our church. She had dementia so the last few years I've been hanging out with her while her husband went out for lunch or bowling. It was hard to watch that disease slowly steal her away from us. I went over and spent the morning with Vern and we talked and cried and looked through pictures. We know she's in a better place now, our loss is bittersweet.

Late that same night Sharaya called me from the airport - in London! - to say the airline had cancelled her flight home!! It's kind of a long story but we stayed in contact through texts and at 2AM she was finally able to get new tickets and then head to the new gate for their flight home. Of course that made them arrive a few hours later than they hoped but I picked them up at the airport and they were so glad to be home!  

Our church held a women's conference this weekend with Havilah Cunnington called Awaken 2018. I usually don't go to these things but for some reason I just felt led to volunteer this year. Had a 3 hour training last Saturday, then was at the church from 4-10:30 on Friday night, then 7am-5 yesterday. By the time I got home I was SO tired! My fitbit says I took 18,000 steps yesterday alone! It was a wonderful conference though, a lot of women were ministered to, prayed for and just able to sit and talk with other women about 'girl stuff'!

Plus this week we've learned that one of our beloved pastors and our facility manager are both moving out of state! Pastor K has been at our church for 17 years and the FM (I'm his admin) for almost 15. They are both going to leave such huge holes! On Thursday I was sitting at my desk at work and just began to cry. I think the realization of all of this loss just, bam! hit me. I know the Lord will see us through this but these next few months are gonna be hard.


ellen b. said...

So sorry for the loss of your friend's mother. Good to know she's with her Lord. Also sorry for your loss in your workplace, too. May God comfort you as you grieve these losses.

Barb said...

Hi Cindy~

So sorry for your loss, it's so hard to say good-bye, but like you said, she is in a better place.

Your Women's Conference looked amazing!! I love it when I can get together with other women who love the Lord! It sounds like you about walked your feet off!

I'm glad that Sharaya and her sweet girl got home safely, I know you were probably relieved.

Change can be so hard, especially when you have worked with them so long! It's sometimes hard to see the silver lining, but God always has a plan. Hang in there!

Hugs and Love,