Sunday, June 17, 2018

Celebrations All Around

Today was Father's Day and also my birthday.
We all went out to eat after church, then came here for presents and pie. I always get coconut cream on my birthday and Chuck bought a strawberry creme, since he doesn't like coconut.

The girls went together and bought us tickets to a pre-season Seahawks game!! Oh my word!! We've only been to one Seahawk game ever so we're really excited to go again! I wish I would have gotten a picture of the look on his face when he opened the envelope... it was priceless! Great job girls!! We love you!

Sharaya, Allie and I went to her place and went swimming for a while. The temps were in the high 70's today and the water felt so good!

 Me, cruisin' the neighborhood!

Me and my dad 
He's 93 now and lives in San Diego
I called him today; it was good to hear his voice

Chuck is an amazing dad!

 Happy Father's Day!!


Rebecca Jo said...

I love old pictures... they are history captured in a moment. Always powerful how they can transport us back in time.

Barb said...

Hi Cindy!

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!! It sounds like it was a good one!

You look so cute on your tricycle! The photo reminded me of my little sister. She used to ride her tricycle until the tires were worn right off. You were adorable!

Your father looks so kind, and NOT 93! I hope that Chuck had a good Father's Day!!

Hugs and Love,

ellen b. said...

Cute black and white of you cruisin!