Sunday, January 21, 2018

Ooops. I Forgot To Explain What It's Like To Be Old

A few months back I asked if you remembered the phrase Pounding The Pavement but I realized I never explained what it meant! Raise your hand if you've heard it before... okay, a few of you, that's good.

It used to be that when you needed a job you looked through the classifieds in the newspaper, found stores or companies that were hiring, then dressed in your nicest clothes and walked from place to place. That's where 'pounding the pavement' came from. All that walking.

If they were hiring, they would hand you an application and you'd sit there and fill it out. With a pen. Then you'd go home and sit by the phone. Literally, because it was attached to the wall. And you'd wait.

If you didn't get a call, often times you would go back to the store and ask them if they had filled the position. It was important back then to be face to face, to let them see you. That proved to an employer that you really were interested in the job. If you didn't bother to come in, they didn't bother to hire you.

Nowadays it's all done on-line. You go on-line to see if they're hiring. The applications are on-line. You submit them on-line. The employer will contact you on-line...

Times, they are a changin'! 

As far as my girls, both Sharaya and Diana are working 2 jobs and Beth is still 'pounding the pavement'. Her job coach is looking into jobs at hospitals, churches, the school district... no openings yet, but she continues to look.


Rebecca Jo said...

Bless her heart... I'm still so angry at the pizza place's manager for letting Beth go.

After getting a new job, it really is a different world. When I went to my interview, I even told them, I havent had an interview in 25 years... I can only imagine how you're SUPPOSED to act now & I had no clue. I was talking about my faith & relationship with God & even said, "I'm sure I'm not even supposed to talk about that here"... ;) haha... but I still say that's what got me the job ;)

Barb said...

Hi Cindy~

I...pounded the pavement, more times than I want to think about! When you don't even get a chance to meet your employee, how do you know anything about that person?! I have had some really awful experiences lately with rude, inefficient, self-absorbed, people who worked at places that boasted about their was horrible. I think it would be wise for employers to actually meet and talk to a person who was applying for a job, not just take the computers word for it. That said, I do know many people who applied for jobs online and love their jobs, they are great employees, working for great employers! Good luck to, Beth, I know she would be a wonderful asset to anyone who hires her!

Hugs and Love,

ellen b said...

Wow...two jobs each. I do hope Beth finds a job soon.